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Review by leeham5ryan on 2012-05-08
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RADCLIFF, KENTUCKY -- I had order a meal from Applebees and there is a piece of pretty good size of plastic in my food.
I called the waitress and she said the manager will come out and apologize to me. She has offered me a 50% discount for their mistake.(THEY STILL MADE ME PAY FOR IT)I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!
I didn't took picture of it but I was with my 4 yrs. old daughter and my friend so I have a witnesses. And in my receipt they lied about the 50% its written "PROMOTION"

They offered me new plate for it too?I can't believe it???Are you serious who in their straight mind wants to have another plate If you there is plastic on it?I feel like there is plastic stuck inside my throat right now. And plus I have upset stomach from eating from Applebees!!I called to their corporation but there is no way to talk to a representative always busy. I am very disappointed.
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Posted by T on 2012-05-08:
The "promotion" on the receipt is most likely the way the manager entered it to give you a discount, not a slight of hand to make you think they gave you something but did not.

This is standard procedure at these mid-level restaurants. Give the diner a discount, replace the food, but at all costs keep some of their money! One of the reasons I stopped going there - the food shouldn't be done that way in the first place.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-08:
"I feel like there is plastic stuck inside my throat right now."

That is a typical and understandable reaction to the experience. It's the same as finding a piece of hair in your food. The mental image is then seared into your brain, and quite often the loss of appetite follows.

However, they attempted at making things right by giving you a discount, and even offering you a replacement plate. The latter which was refused. The amount of discount to be given is unclear since it wasn't specified how much of your meal you had eaten, or more importantly, whether or not you are referring to 50% of YOUR meal, or 50% of the entire meal, which included your 4-yr old and your friend. A little more information would go a long way in helping us better evaluate the situation. Otherwise, a good review!

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