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Review by selfrun on 2012-05-08
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MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- I would most appreciate the left over greens from the produce department at the above mentioned store. i was told that all the leftovers go to someone that has two large barrels in the back. So I asked why could this not be shared? Their answer was; this man feeds his pigs and chickens with it. i explained that I was also feeding my chickens as well and any left over produce would certainly help. They refused.

I called the manager in Hanford, Ca 'Shannon', after speaking with him and trying to reason my point he promptly hung up on me. it is all about sharing is it not? He refused to speak anymore.
So now I ask; Is there a problem? After all I buy there and spend $200.00 a week in groceries, or does management have some sort of 'tit for tat' arrangement with this individual? Why so protective over greens that would be tossed?

Due to the behavior of management, I will most likely withdraw any further business with them. In addition I will pass the word around to my community. The area I live in is rural and folks there due tend to take a good look at 'Corporate' America.
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-05-08:
Supermarkets aren't obligated to donate or give away their leftovers to individuals. In this case, perhaps there was an agreement with the store owner or manager, and the person involved, to take away the waste produce for his farm animals. In many cases, supermarkets simply dump their old or expired food in the dumpsters, and lock the dumpsters in order to discourage dumpster diving (typically done by the poor or homeless.) In some cases, grocers have poured bleach or other chemicals on discarded food in order to discourage dumpster diving, and some people have gotten sick after eating the tainted food.
Posted by onlooker on 2012-05-08:
No it is not about sharing. It is about an agreement that was made with a person prior to you requesting the leftovers.
It would be great if you could participate in something like that with that store or with a different store. But at this point the store you want is not going to 'share' with you. Just like on the playground...go somewhere else and 'share'.
Posted by F. on 2012-05-09:
They already had a prior arrangement with someone else. They are no under obligation to change that arrangement just because you asked. Furthermore I find it a bit petty that you would go so far as to bad mouth the business just because they already had a deal setup with someone else regarding their leftover produce. As you mentioned you don't even know what kind of arrangement they have with the the person they give the leftover greens. IMHO it would irresponsible to condemn them without knowing the details.

What I would've done, would've just been to respect the fact that the store already had an arrangement with someone else, and moved on to an another store to see if a similar deal could've been struck with them.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-05-09:
Also, it is easier for the store to give to one person who is reliable, then to try to share with a number of people, some of whom may not pick up as promised.

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