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Review by sunny_day_88 on 2012-05-14
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HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I highly recommend not renting from this place. Their mopeds are old and the speedometers don't work. But my warning to others is based on the details below:

The Ala Moana shop is a tiny white shed next to Alana Doubletree Waikiki.

I rented a moped for 2 days at $30/day and it was due to be returned at 3:45pm. I ended up running late (I was caught in Honolulu Saturday traffic) and got there at about 4:30. I rushed there because I thought they closed at 5pm. When I got there, there was only a girl in the shop, who told me she didn't work there. She didn't know what to do with the returned moped and she didn't even know where the helmets were kept in the shop. I left the moped with her, helping her lock it up because she didn't even know how to unlock the chain. She told me everything was "all good" and that I was free to go.

Two days later, I got a call telling me to pick up my credit card receipt because they charged me for another $30 because I was late. The person who called told me that their manager Wayne charged my card because it was returned at 6pm. I asked if I could speak to Wayne but was told he was at the other shop. I explained my case to the person who called me and asked if it was possible to get the charges reversed, and because I returned it at 4:30pm, not 6pm. I also had no intention to return it late and that had I known they would charge me, I would have taken it for one more day. The person who called me said he would call Wayne for me and try and talk to him, he then called back about 2 minutes later and said Wayne said he would not reverse the charge. I tried to call Wayne myself at the other shop and was told he stepped out about and would not be back until about 4pm. The guy who answered said he would get Wayne to call me back. He didn't end up calling me back.

It's not about the money, it's the principle. It's so cheap and petty to charge someone for an extra day without any warning and not even bother to call back. He just pocketed $30. And the fact that the person at the shop front didn't even work there shows how dodgy and irresponsible they are.
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Posted by D. on 2012-05-14:
I would never have left it with someone who didn't even work there. She could have just been some other customer wondering where all the workers were and could have just left with the modped you returned. I know you said it was 5pm, but someoe who worked there would have had to have been somewhere, or at least would have had to return to close up.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-05-15:
How is this business dishonest? You were late and you payed the price for being late. Think of it this way, they did not want to charge you $30 extra but it was the "principle." You stated that you rushed to get there before 5pm because you thought they closed at that time. Next time rush to get there at the rental agreed time. Just maybe they close at 4pm and since you were not there they had a friend stay to see if you showed up. I see no dishonesty here on the vendors part.
Posted by Sheldon on 2012-05-15:
You knew the daily rates, you got there late AND you left the moped with someone who TOLD you she didn't work there. The "priciple" here is you messed up. Take responsibilty for your mistakes and move on.
Posted by T on 2012-05-15:
It sounds like the woman at the shop was a kind of a stand in of sorts. I can understand part of your position, but the fact remains that you were late with the return and you knew that it was due by 3:45pm. Therefore my opinion is you were properly charged.

Think about what would happen if someone had a reservation to pick up a moped at 4pm, and Wayne or whoever couldn't rent it prior to stepping away because you hadn't returned it.
Posted by Aoide on 2012-05-15:
So you admittedly returned it late (doesn't matter if you return it at 4:30 or 6:00. If it was due back at 3:45, then anytime after that is late), but want them to reverse the late fee? Late is late. They weren't wrong in charging you.

Also, who leaves something like that with someone who doesn't actually work there? If the person standing there told me they didn't actually work at the place, I'd either wait around for someone who did work there or take the moped with me, bring it back the next morning, and pay the late fee.
Posted by F. on 2012-05-15:
I agree with the others. You were late, the end. There's nothing cheap and/or petty about it. The right thing to do would've just been to own up to your mistake, pay the $30 and get on with your life.

It was risky leaving it with someone who doesn't ever work there.
Posted by Churro on 2012-05-15:
It makes no sense whatsoever to charge a full days rental for a 45 minute late return. That's unreasonable, stupid and insulting. Geeze, I hate companies that live by the 'gotcha' mentality. Screw them.

Thanks for the warning.
Posted by Kevin on 2012-05-15:
Policy is policy, as stupid as it may seem. I'm sure you signed something to take the moped/scooter. Check it
Posted by violent farm food on 2012-05-15:
the other customer had no authority to tell you that you were good to go.

They helped you out of kindness but their authorization is meaningless.

Plus - keven has a point. you signed for the policy. if you can change parts on it as you want, then so can they.

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