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Review by cuistan on 2012-05-27
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WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA -- On March 18, 2012, I and wife purchased a new SUV from the Toyota of Winter Haven. I brought a copy of an quote I received from the dealer via E-mail for a 2012 RAV4 model priced at $22,189 to negotiate. The bluetooth system unique to the 2012 model was especially intriguing and a reason I preferred the 2012 model over the 2011. Also, after checking on the KBB, I saw that the 2011 new vehicle loses almost $9000 in value for first year in contrast to a 2012 that loses significantly less.

I lost two year value instead one year. The sales person ** conned me to test drove a 2011 RAV4 without my knowledge and corresponded back and forth with the sale manager many times, but finally met my price at $21,950 and a $4,700 trade for my old car, but the dealer did not tell me that price negotiated was for a 2011 vehicle. When I was almost finished signing the contract, I saw that the contract was for a 2011 model, rather than the negotiated 2012. Because I paid the price of a RAV4 2012 but received a RAV4 2011, I am not satisfied with this deal.

I asked where the copy of an quote is, but they all said that do not know where it is at, and they cannot find it. Their sales manager ** offered my wife and me $500 to keep the car, but knowing that would not fully compensate, I requested $700. Despite agreeing with my request, he only gave us $300 and some other form of compensation additional, but since it was Sunday, no high level management working and the deal would have to wait. He will talk to the highest management on Monday to compensate us.

On March 20, 2012, I went back to Toyota of Winter Haven to speak to the high management. They responded with a bad attitude, and offered me no help, telling me I was bonded to the deal. I believe I negotiated for a 2012 Toyota RAV4, thinking I got a fair deal, but in reality, the salesman and dealerships conned me into buying a 2011 model for the price of a 2012. The dealership unfair and deceptive sale and its workers are unfriendly and dishonest.

Also according from the dealer website, the dealer website offers 0% ARP for 36 months on a new 2011 RAV4 model. Also, according from edmunds.com, I could get a $500 rebate or 0% ARP. The Toyota of Winter Haven dealership did not offer us any of these saving programs. I have a few of other dealer's quote via E-mail for a 2012 RAV4 model price: 1) Toyota of Tampa's quote priced it at $21398, 2) Toyota of Orlando's quote priced it at $21276 and 3) Smart Auto Offers' quote offered it for $21800.63.

Also the quote via E-mail for the 2011 RAV4 model from Toyota of Tampa priced it at $19990. According to all of these quotes, it is clearly proven that Toyota of Winter Haven did not give me a fair price for my car. I request for the Toyota of Winter Haven to exchange my 2011 RAV4 to 2012 and should meet the comparative price of the market. Refund over price for 2011 model.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-28:
You might want to contact the Florida consumer protection agency via http://myfloridalegal.com to see what your rights as a consumer are.
Posted by Sandy on 2012-05-28:
You saw before you finished signing the contract that you were buying a 2011 instead of 2012. That's where all further contract signing should have halted and you should have insisted it all be redone for the vehicle you wanted and thought you were getting. If they balked at it, gave you excuses about it being a Sunday and they would correct it later you should have insisted it be redone then and walk if they refused. Yes, the dealership seems unfair and dishonest and because of the deception I probably would have hesitated about doing business at all but ultimately it is your responsibility to know what you are signing and that it is exactly what you wanted and asked for, if not it is your choice to walk away. But if you don't and go ahead with the deal with a promise of it later being fixed you run the risk of being stuck with something you didn't want once the contract is signed.
Posted by T on 2012-05-28:
When you noticed that the contract you were about to sign was for a car that you knew you did not want, why did you complete the deal?

After you make a deal and drive off the lot, you don't have any recourse unless you can prove fraud occurred.

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