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Bedroom set - Complaint
Review by ajones on 2012-05-29
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Resolution Update on 05/09/2014:
I am pleased to write that I am satisfied with Bob Care services who addressed my complaint. They reimbursed me $110 and I am pleased. Thanks
YONKERS, NEW YORK -- Purchase a bedroom set and financed it for $1,300 in July 2011. The set was fine but the mirror was damaged. the glass was stained very bad and there were no rods to put the mirror on the dresser. Well the men who delivered the stuff said that I should keep it and that someone would come to fix the mirror and bring rods to put it on the dresser. I told this man to take this junk out of here and then called the store office to complain, well I had to keep the mirror there until the next appointment when they would deliver another mirror and rods. that took 3 weeks. that mirror was damaged also, so I called again, and they wanted to do the same thing I said no and told the delivery men to get out and take the junk with them, I then said to the store to take everything away but they said no because nothing is wrong with the rest of the set only the mirror. well this back and forth went on for 3 months. bringing a damage scratch broken mirror and even mailed me some metal rods at one point and I had to go and pick them up from the UPS store. they were the wrong ones and I had to keep them until another delivery came with another broken mirror. I said I am going to sue them and the woman promised me that i will be compensated for all the time I took off from work to be home for these bogus deliveries. nothing has happened. I had to finally take a mirror that is the lesser of 2 evils. it has a small crack in the wood frame and a glue stain on the glass not too noticeable but its there nevertheless. I have brought from this store many times in the pass but has used the New Jersey Route 17 store and paid cash. as always you get what you pay for. inexpensive means inexpensive but tolerable. since I finance this set the finance company wanted their money and this store could care less about my problems. Now get this on the last delivery I kept the mirror so it can be ended and I can sue for the days I took off, believe it or not 3 days later my bell rings and the store men was here to deliver a mirror. that was the last straw. My lesson, if it isn't right the first time, send it all back don't keep part and wait for the rest and stay clear of this store if you are financing.
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Posted by ww48 on 2012-05-29:
Bravo!!! Your review is true!! My brother bought an Italian leather sofa and chairs. Not only were they late,(A MONTH LATE) the so-called customer service was rude and obnoxious and whebn inform of how much money was spent on the item customer service(yeah,right!) said "So What?" Customer service,WHAT A JOKE!!!
Posted by D on 2012-05-29:
Who in their right mind would buy anything from a store named "BOB'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE"

That makes as much sense as going to Dr. Hackum's chiropractic and used tire store
Posted by S. on 2012-05-29:
OF, didn't we have a lot of complaints about this particular furniture store quite some time ago? Maybe all their customers migrated to Ashley Furniture.
Posted by Bob Cares on 2012-05-31:
I'm sorry to hear about the less than satisfactory experience you've had with us. I'd like to see if we can make it up to you. If you'd email me at Bobcares@mybobs.com we'll have someone in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.

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