Chase USA/World/Galaxy - Rolling Lates: Credit Murder

Review by mtate1022 on 2012-05-29
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I missed one Chase mortgage payment, but Chase reported me to the credit bureau for six late payments: "If the first car on the train is late, all the cars in the train are late", they say in a Ringo Starr/Shiningtime Station voice just like Thomas the Tank Engine. My Chase transaction history, all my monthly statements, all the letters I have received from the Chase staff for the last year do not mention a "rolling late". They all show me as full paid, up to date, on time. The credit report, on the other hand, shows me as the Jeffery Dahmer of credit. My lenders have all high-tailed it. So, I am planning on selling anti-Chase teeshirts with slogans like: CHASE? Run Like Hell!! to pay off my mortgage.
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Posted by T on 2012-05-29:
I believe here is what happened based on your description: you missed a payment by 30 days or more. Then you went back on schedule. The first payment after the missed one counts for the month the missed one was due, and so forth. You remain "30 days late" until you make up the payment that was missed (by paying twice in one month).

If this is what happened, the bank would appear to be reporting accurate information. If not, please correct my interpretation.
Posted by Thelma on 2012-05-29:
Excellent post trmn8r, I totally agree. You never ever want to have the Chase collection dept come after you. They make the IRS look good. This is a true story. My deceased mother 5 years ago owed Chase a whopping $400 on her Visa. As the executor of her estate I contacted them and explained that when her estate was settled they would be paid in full. The $400 was put in collection and they used every legal and illegal tactic trying to collect. Somehow they got my cell phone number and pursued me for 6 months claiming that I was the debtor. Then they got my house phone number and would call blasting loud music.

The $400 balance now became $1500 with interest and fees. After 6 months they had to stop collection under federal law. Chase then reported to the IRS that their inflated $1500 balance was INCOME and had to be declared on my deceased mother's income tax return. My excellent CPA was able to legally write this off and no tax was owed. Had Chase shown a little compassion they would have received all of what was owed.
Posted by D. on 2012-05-29:
I also think 8er hit this one right.
As I said before, after working as a collector for Chase Mortgage...trust me when I tell you to stay away from them...if you have ANYTHING with the Chase name on it, drop it like a hot potato and run away from them, run far, far away and never look back! They WILL find some way to screw you over!!!
Posted by T on 2012-05-30:
DB, the way I figure it, if I blast away blindly every once in awhile I'll come close to the target.

You're close to the bullseye yourself, but I think your sighting needs to be recalibrated. I LOVE Chase!

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