Review by LexingtonParkToyotaSucks on 2005-11-18
LEXINGTON PARK, MARYLAND -- After 20 years my father and mother finally saved enough money to purchase their first new vehicle (my dad is disabled and my mother is a school secretary so they have a very limited income) After searching for months for the perfect car they special ordered a 2006 Avalon Limited from Toyota of Lexington Park. (or Southern Toyota or Park Toyota - they have several different "alias'" - that should have told us something) He wanted to put a deposit on the vehicle but the MIKE MCKAY said that they are an "old fashioned" dealership and all he needed was a handshake. (now in hind site we see that the old hand shake line was just so he could do exactly what he has done, sold the car to someone else for a higher price) After waiting over 7 weeks for the vehicle to arrive (a month longer than they were originally supposed to wait) the car finally arrives, it was like Christmas for them, I have never seen two adults so excited, but I guess after working your whole life, raising four children on a shoe string budget, this was defiantly something worth waiting for. My sister drove my parents to the dealership, the car was absolutely beautiful. My dad was using his life savings to be the car so financing was not going to be an issue. When they sat down with the salesperson, they were advised that the cars was going to be $2000 more than the initial quoted price, my dad was a littler perturbed, but in the end agreed to pay their dealer markup. The "sales" manager MIKE MCKAY was not only rude and disrespectful, he acted like a kindergartner, apparently between the time that the vehicle arrived and the time that my parents got there, he had a better offer (that's all I can figure, why wouldn't he sell the vehicle the dealership was making a $2100 profit off my Dad), so when the markup on the vehicle still didn't discourage my parents from the purchase, he just said "well, I just don't think I'm going to sell you the vehicle, and asked them to leave the dealership", when my father called me I couldn't believe it, I thought he had to have misunderstood, so I called the dealership myself, but no the "sales manager" MIKE MCKAY said nope, I don't like your Dad's attitude so I don't feel like selling him the car, I was shocked, of course he had an attitude, your just jacked the price up $2000 and he still wants the car and he is willing to pay the additional $2000, why won't you sell him the car, he went round and round and basically said "I pick my customers, unlike other places the customer isn't always right, and I don't have to sell your Dad the car", he also went on and on about that he wasn't selling them a car because he was afraid of what the would put on his "survey", whatever that means. So needless to say my Dad is devastated, he can't go to another dealership because this car was special ordered, he had polio when he was a child and now suffers from post polio so the dynamic laser cruise control was a must to make the car easier for him to drive, since he is unable to use his right leg. And what shocks me the most is that I have called an attorney and basically the dealership does not have to sell him the car. So I am going to use every angle I can to make sure the word gets out - be very aware if you are going to deal with Lexington Park Toyota, make sure you have a contract signed in blood or even better just go up the road to Bayside Toyota where they know how to treat their customers. I have filed complaints with Consumer Report as well as the Better Business Bureau and the Toyota Corporation so feel free to check their web sites to see the outcome of this. But the best way I can figure is to hit them where it hurts in the wallet. Thanks for listening to me rant and rave if anyone has any suggestions for me I'd love to hear from you.

Just Looking Out for Dad & Mom
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Posted by cycolbur on 2005-11-18:
a thought was your dad a victom of discrimination because of his disability. i would contact the head corporation plus i would find out who this jokers boss was. i would try talking to a agency for the disabled they may come up with other ideas.
Posted by CJGirone2001 on 2005-11-18:
Good for you! It's about time people didn't just take it on the chin anymore! Like you said, hit them where it hurts! Good luck to you and your parents...
Posted by jcwillis59 on 2005-11-25:
The very best way to handle a car dealer that lacks integrity is to contact the manufacture directly.
Your father should have a customer satisfaction survey as well to send in. I was in the retail automotive business for over 25 years and have never heard of any one acting to emotionaly imature as this sales manager. Good Luck and don't give up getting them to issue amends
Toyota takes pride in the JD Powers surveys also.
Posted by phillipmecrakin on 2006-09-12:
I have purchased four cars from this Dealer ship and they went out of the way to help me in any way possible!!!!! just so happens that i was buying my fourth car from the dealer ship that night!!! Theese people were in there trying to buy the avalon and they were making a sceene in the show room and carring on in there calling MR. Mckay a liar and a theif among a few other choice words!!!! So from my stand point customer or no customer when someone starts to call you names and liars among other thihgs at some point we all tend to get mad. I was to the point where i wanted to leave based on the coupple making an A-- out them selfs and now to stumbble on this it just shows how rude some people can be!!!!!!!
Posted by b@nkerdude on 2008-07-15:
Somehow this story sounds strange to me...car salesmen make their money by selling cars...If the car was special ordered, it should have had your dad's name on it. It may be possible that the car came in more, maybe there was a special option or something. Just go to another dealership and get the car. It's already on the lot at that point, they could have transferred it to another dealership.

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