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Apartment Complex Roach and Bed bug Treatments - Complaint
Review by 1box2view on 2012-06-06
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I am a tenant of an apartment complex using Rapid Pest Control to treat roaches (and, undisclosed to me at the time of my signing a lease, bed bugs). I have found Rapid Pest Control to be inconsistent, unreliable, and lacking in follow-thru.

On looking up the apartment complex online, and finding complaints by past tenants about not only the roaches (on signing I'd understood only that they were at the end of treatment for what had been a problem, but was now supposed to be at resolution) but bed bugs too, I asked one Rapid Pest tech if they were spraying each month for just roaches or also bed bugs. This particular tech first gave me a glowing reference for the management company; telling me how lucky I am that they're flipping the bill to treat the units and not making the tenants pay for it. I was then educated on bed bugs generally being the fault and responsibility of the tenants and not the apartment management. And I finally managed to get a "no", what they were spraying was not also for bed bugs, but still no acknowledgment that they did or do spray at this complex for them.

I found my first bed bugs recently (first ever - in all my renting history anywhere) and requested treatment by the management. I was given a bed bug treatment prep sheet (and detailed explanation of how common they are and easily transferred in apt complexes as well as the managements practice of treating on a unit by unit basis on tenant request only - in other words, the complex is being and has been addressed for bed bugs for some time) and told Rapid Pest would be here the following wk and on the same day ea week for 3 weeks. I called Rapid Pest directly and asked specifically about my space (an efficiency with no space to remove items from to, only the center of the one room, and still, there would be items with no room to move) I was assured that I didn't need to stand up the click-clack which serves as both bed and sofa, that they would work with me and do whatever they could (re the floor to ceiling shelves of art supplies) and let me know of anything I need to do differently for the next visit. As to any "not prepared" fees; that they wouldn't charge me any fee - that those are for tenants that don't bag up and remove their clothing and linens.

I laundered everything I kept, including everything previously laundered (one bag had the towel I used to shower the same morning, the clothes I wore and took off the night before treatment, and the sheets I slept on that same night), bagging everything in plastic bags (an option to plastic tubs and mentioned on their prep sheet), and emptying out my closet of clothing and linens. I moved boots, tennies, and snow boots to the center of the closet (the only other space left), pulled plastic drawers from the plastic open back roller shelves in the closet, leaving the frame to be sprayed through - the drawers empty and pulled out, everything had been vacuumed, the under-side and back of click-clack cleared and vacuumed/click-clack seat lifted for access etc. I did not empty my kitchen (per another call to a tech telling me no need to empty other than bedroom linen/clothing/coat closet stuff - not kitchen), and I did not empty living room drawers and boxes holding candles and general office stuff (none of which was indicated as needing removal or stated on phone call). BTW, my unit was very clean to start with - no dirty dishes ever left in the sink, no food ever left out, bedding folded, art supplies stored in glass and plastic containers, always vacuumed, dusted, etc., whatever current paperwork and books currently used left on the desk being the "messiest" aspect of the place....and all the plastic bags filled with clothing and linens now filling the room.

I came home to find a notice stating they were unable to treat due to unit being unprepared, and I would be responsible for the fee....no explanation as to why they considered what had been ok on the phone to be unprepared once they got here. Where they answered their phones immediately up to this point, and I was assured earlier the same day by the owner that they can be reached 24/7 (as their site also states), no one has been answering the phone since I received the note and started calling for further, and no one has called me back on the vm I left.

I've looked them up online and found no phone book or directory listings save their VistaPrint created homepage, with option to call a MagicJack phone number (where you can expect to hear a MagicJack ad first, followed by whatever you need to do to make the call go through) and the option to email them via site form script. They have the standard several happy and glowing recommendations invited to be left on their site. But that's it - At the time of this post, there is no address listed for the business, no BBB listing, no disclosures, nothing resembling a professional, stable, company that'll be there and accountable for statements and choices of actions. Their inconsistent responses, and assurances vs actions have cost me in time, discomfort, quite possibly funds, and I now have to spend another week being a nightly meal for bed bugs which only get worse with each day left untreated. There is also no guarantee that when Rapid Pest returns next week they will have bothered to convey to me what issues they decided on, or that they won't simply state "unprepared" again with no further and continue to assess charges and leave the bug issue unaddressed. Treatment for bed bugs is something I am unfamiliar with and could have lived happily never having to find out how to manage the treatment of. I can only do so much to make room in an efficiency apartment and would expect any service provider to be considerate of such, making it as easy and bearable as possible to get through. This feels like a game though.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-08:
You may want to contact Colorado's consumer protection agency at http://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/departments/consumer_protection to see if they can assist you with this problem.

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