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Wet Floor and Bed Bug on Pillow and I Was Bitten - Complaint
Review by liefsmom on 2012-06-07
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COLOMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My name is Charles B Sanders and mate and I Sylvia Moody stayed at your hotel in Colombia at 2100 Bush River Road. We were in a room where the floor on one side was very wet, which you would not know and we would not have if my lady had not taken off her shoes and walked on that side of the bed to get in it. We probably would not have said anything except the next morning my lady looked at my pillow and saw a brown bug in color and I touched it, it did not move but she went to remove it and it crawled up her hand and she had a fit. Anyway she tapped her hand on the petition that separates the bed from the sink area and it fell on the petition and she picked it up with a piece of tissue, and we called the front desk, they sent a maintenance man to check out the problem he agreed that there was water on the rug, he said it probably came from a thermos a previous individual had in the room that spilled water, do they not check for wet floors if not they should, also I had a bite mark on my arm upper portion when we told the maintenance man he basically said that he did not think it was a bed bug and he went on to say how and where bed bugs hide which we are aware of that, we are also aware that it could have been an isolated incident since we tore the bed apart ourselves and my lady had some involvement with someone who had that problem so she has seen them before.

What I am saying the maintenance man said he did not know if it was one or not but when when my lady said it was he went on the defense, so he said that an opthalmologist would look at the bug the correct word is entomologist person who deals with insects, so my lady was a little perturbed but she did not respond. Anyway the management was ok in that they moved us to a better room and we received complimentary breakfast for 2 mornings. We travel a lot and have lots of friends who travel.

I am not sure that we will be staying at your hotel or any of your chains for that matter, but they asked how our stay was and my lady said it was alright and the gentleman that checked us out just said can I give you a cookie, I do not believe he was aware, but how about a reduction in our bill would have been nice. But it was handled the way they felt it should have been, and we never saw or heard from a manager which I thought was strange. Customer service encompasses so much more!!!! We stayed from June 3-5,2012. Thank you. Hope to hear from someone soon.
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Posted by Comfortably_Numb on 2012-06-07:
i would also expect to be given some sort of compensation, it's a shame they didn't. if it was a bedbug, your lady should lodge a complaint at the www.bedbugregistry.com site.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-06-07:
They moved you to a better room and gave you a free meal, I think that is their version of a discount for your troubles,

Still gross though!
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-06-07:
When I first moved to Florida there as a cockroach in my motel room and I freaked out. Thirty years later, I realize there are bugs in every room in areas near water, oceans, or swamps. Down south it does not get cold enough to kill them during the winter.

It seems like the hotel compensated the OP by giving them a better room and free meals, simply for having a bug in their room.
Posted by F. on 2012-06-07:
I think you were adequately compensated for your troubles. If they didn't do anything about it, then yeah, I think, a good sized reduction in your bill would've been appropriate. But they moved you into a nicer room and gave you free food. That's reasonable IMHO.
Posted by T on 2012-06-07:
I agree that they compensated you nicely with an upgraded room, free breakfast, made sure you were satisfied, and offered you a cookie. The cookie was icing on the cake.
Posted by bhskittykatt on 2012-06-09:
Sounds like they compensated you with the room upgrade and the free breakfast. When you checked out and they asked if everything was fine, you said it was, and they believed you. If it wasn't fine, you should have spoken up then. Employees don't have ESP abilities, after all.
Posted by Comfortably_Numb on 2012-06-09:
i see i am in the minority here as most feel free grub and a better room are compensation for bedbugs.

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