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Review by Anonymous on 2012-06-09
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PRESCOTT, ARIZONA -- To whom it may concern:
First of all, I have been a Chrysler/Dodge owner for many years. I believe that I have purchased 7 or 8 Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicles over the years. I choose your product mostly because of Chrysler’s warranty and service. Something I could always count on. The last 7 to 8 years I have been dealing with York Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (York Motors). I’ve been pleased with the overall service from sales culture to actual service. But the last year or two, things have changed at York, a large turn-over of staff, they have lost the friendly touch, and customer service and care has been sorely lacking. You never talk to the same person twice, and they know you or care.

It is my intention to let others York Motors customers know the following; and to (sadly) say that it is my considered opinion that the old York is gone! I have purchased 4 vehicles from York over the past 7-8 years spending allot of $. The last vehicle was purchased in 2010 (Dodge Ram). Each time I have purchased a vehicle, I was given free oil changes as long as I owned the vehicle(s), and that was the understanding. I have recommended York Motors to several family members and friends and they have purchased vehicles. However, something has changed with the sales and service over the last two years. Also, several (many) faces have changed, and not for the good; the personal touch and caring is gone.

At my next-to-last oil change, I was told that I needed to have some “scheduled” service done ( i.e. front and rear differentials service and a tune-up). At the time I was unable to have it done because of both time and money constraints (approx. $340 for both differentials and $340 for the tune-up). I was also told by the service writer, that if I didn't do the scheduled service that it would void my warranty???? This was a first!!!!!

At the time, I told the service writer/tech that I would look at doing one of the services (cost being a factor) at the next oil change. By the way, I use synthetic oil at MY cost, so York is only putting in a new filter and labor into the service. On 5/15/12 I called for an appointment for an oil change, and I was told again that I needed the services as mentioned above. So I went ahead and scheduled the oil change and differential service for 05/17/12, and was told it would be approximately $340, and that it needed to be done... On 5/17/12 I had some conflicting schedules, so I called York and asked to speak to the service tech, and told him because of my time and schedule that I could not leave the truck for the 2 plus hours it would take to do the service.

I said, because of time and the distance that I have to travel from my home to York (160+ miles round trip), that my wife was going to drop me off at my appointment and she would be bringing the truck in. My wife took the truck in and the service tech told her that this service needed to be done (differentials and tune-up); she called me soon after and said if we wanted to leave it that they would set-up a rent-a-car for us (that we would have to pay for if over a certain amount). I said no and to tell the tech that I would re-schedule, we just had too much on our plate that day. Approximately an hour and half later my wife picked me up. She informed me that she was told that York was no longer going to do free oil changes because we did not do the scheduled maintenance.

The following is what was printed on my service report/receipt:

Line #3 Customer declined repairs, at this time. Customer declined front and rear differential services.
Line #4 Today’s oil change is free... Customer informed of the procedures of Loyalty Program. Customer will pay (blank) perform all factory maintenance at York Motors... To keep program valid.

I did NOT decline repairs!?!? This was a service - Dodges suggested scheduled maintenance. The owner’s manual states that if you use the vehicle for a taxi, a fleet vehicle, or do a lot of towing, then get the front and rear differentials serviced. ‘Otherwise not really necessary’ (I have read it many times).

I purchased a extended warranty (life time for my truck), so I called the Chrysler Warranty department, and told them what the dealership had told me, 'if I didn't have the scheduled services done, that it would void my warranty'. Their response was that they had never heard of this, and that Chrysler only suggests these services be preformed. I also had this same conversation with the Sales Manager at York recently (he said he was ‘the man’). He first said he agreed with the service tech and I offered to call Chrysler, he changed his mind and said he believed me. He said I needed to talk to the Service Manger (he was unavailable). At this time, he got up and went to a back office and came out and gave me a copy of the Loyalty Program Procedures, I was told that I should have already been given one.....(I was not)....it reads as follows:

"CUSTOMER FOR LIFE" is York's loyalty program for our valued and loyal customer. New vehicle owners who opt to participate will be required to have all scheduled factory maintenance and repairs performed at York Motors and in return York Motors will gift all lube/oil/filter service as long as you own the vehicle.

Needless to say, after 7 plus years of dealing with York, this was the first time I've seen this. I keep records on all of my vehicles past and present, and nowhere in the folders have I found this York 'Procedures' .And - why have I been paying for my synthetic oil, it should have been free! ‘As long as I, the customer, conform to York’s rules and cost then I can get free oil changes’. This sounds like the York’s version of ObamaCare. If you don’t do it, you will be penalized. Oh by the way, your “Customer for Life” reads that oil is free, nothing about synthetic oil being excluded. If this reads right, York owes me for the many oil changes I paid for using synthetic oil. Wish I had been given one of these before!

When I first bought my 2010 RAM the radio/nav system didn’t work, it took York 3 new radios (4 to include the original) to finally fix the problem, each time York had to order a new radio, each time I had to drive 160+ round trip to have them say they had a fix…and didn’t. There was no real care on what I had to go through, or the hassle that I had to go through. And I believe that was the turning point for York, again many faces started changing. On this same vehicle, I had come in for an oil change, and was told that there was a recall on the back doors, and the tech at the time said he would order the parts and call me when they came in….. He called sometime later and scheduled me for the service; I showed up and was told it was going to cost me a couple of hundred dollars!

Then he seen that I had the good warranty, and then said it would only cost me $100.00 (deductible). I asked if this was a recall, he said no, it was a customer advisory (something like that) and if the customer wanted it fixed, it would be at customers cost. Again, another 160 mile round trip, I drove off your lot, not having the work done, and very upset that this happened.

Last note, I contacted two other Dodge dealers within a 100 miles of my house and they charge less for their services (much less) so in fact I would be for my free oil change in the long run at York! What a rip off! And York says they are a FIVE STAR dealership!!... (I did some research on this as well), it's your own rating, not Chrysler's. York goes on what the customer says when they are called by a person at York Motors to see how the service was. I'm done with York and company, and I hope I'm not the only one.

I use to enjoy going in for service at York, the people were friendly, they seemed to care and they took care of the customer. But, this has all changed (last year or so); York has gone through some changes for the worst. Also, my very last York service (oil change) – my truck had oil all over the left front finder, and oil was splattered on the engine. Very unprofessional! And I wonder if the synthetic oil I again paid for was put into my truck? As I said above, I'm done with York Motors; I will take my business to another dealer. Poor customer service and business ethics.

UP DATE: 06/06/12
Well today was it with York. I got a call from York this AM, asking how the last service was and continued to say would you like to schedule the two services that you need. I said “no” and she said thank you and hung up….. Never gave me a chance to answer how the service was.
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2012-06-09:
I wouldn't have driven 160 miles for a free oil change even if it included the synthetic oil.
Posted by T on 2012-06-09:
These "loyalty" promotions change from time to time, but the basic concept is simple - they want you to come in for service so they can make $$$.

I never get too friendly with a car dealer, because when it comes down to it they have to make money and it is expensive for them to do it (= the customer pays for it).
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-09:
That oil change was far from free if you had to drive 160 miles!
Posted by Comfortably_Numb on 2012-06-09:
as many years as you have given york your business, this is a poor demonstration of customer appreciation. do you happen to know the owner of york? might consider speaking to him or her in person about what has changed.

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