Planet Feedback Complaint - Crap...Just Crap

Review by N. on 2005-11-21
So Planet Feedback has been down for quite some time and now they're back up again and worse than ever. No real Texas regulars go there. And what's with "consumer cafe"? Is that supposed to be like latte slang? and I-pod enthusiasts? Come on, the I-pod SUCKS! Who cares about fitting a bunch of songs on something the size of a stick of gum and paying an arm and a leg for it? I think Planet Feedback has sold out and just jumped on the bandwagon.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-21:
I kind of agree. I called them and told them about your review. I also called some dealerships and alerted them to your review.
Posted by S on 2005-11-21:
I agree. I found the new site very confusing. I still don't understand what most the new features are. And reading letters seems to be more cumbersome than before. Also, all their old links don't seem to work any more.
Posted by N. on 2005-11-21:
Can anyone actually WRITE A REVIEW on the site? I'm a registered member, but when I try to get to the part where I actually write a review, the main page just refreshes itself.
Posted by S on 2005-11-21:
I have not tried yet. I'm sure they have loads of bugs to hash out with all the changes they made.
Posted by shayen on 2005-11-21:
I used to love PF. I hate it now. The new site is a garbled mess. Its not user friendly. Its looks messy and its annoying. I was shocked to see that a certain PF poster now has his own column on there. And the CEO thanks him for being a devoted user. Good grief. I remember reading this person's comments on consumer letters and wondering how he was even able to maintain his commenting priviliges. Then there's some column called "as katie sees it". Who the eff is Katie and why should anyone care "how she sees it". If you click on her link it takes to some rambling crap about a tom tom navigator. I didn't even read half of it. I'm sticking to ripoffreport from now on.
Posted by N. on 2005-11-21:
Not to mention that they only kept like a handful of reviews from every company on there, and deleted all the replies to them. Ripoffreport? Hmm...need to check that out.
Posted by Tinasmth18 on 2011-07-27:
Used to be a good site. Now all their posts are one sided and the moderators pull any differing opinions while allowing others to say what they want.

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