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Review by aragonaragon16 on 2012-06-19
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Around February this year I went into the closest tmoble store near the downtown of Las Vegas because thats where I worked and what I wanted to do was; I was in a shared plan with my mom of inlimited minutes so I wanted to just get the bill into my name and get a new number. so what the employee did was pretty much signed me onto a new contract with a new number but what I did not know was since I didn't want to use inlimited anymore I was not informed that if I switched my plan I would pretty much be signing on to a new contract. months later I was informed by one of the customer service people that I have until January 2014 until my contract is up. I was told different ways of getting in contact to change what has happened. and since I have gotten tmoble in my name there has been notes in almost every contact that I have made about my phone bill that they did wrong. I had never had a problem with them because my mom has had that phone company for years but since I've been apart of it it has been nothing but problems and if I knew or informed that if I changed my plan I would be signing on a whole new contract when all I wanted to do was switch it into my own name with the same plan when I signed up in 2010 of August new this year its suppose to end of August 2012 this year I would have Never gotten my plan chnaged and just waiting until my contract is up. they haven't been that big of a help about this situation either.
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Posted by Johanna on 2012-06-19:
Any time you so much as sneeze on your plan, it extends it for another 2 years. The person helping you should have warned you about that, but unfortunately they didn't. Not sure there's any way to rectify this.
Posted by T on 2012-06-19:
There have been a slew of complaints in the last few days about contract extensions on both satellite tv and cell phone plans.

I don't have either, but I assumed it was common knowledge that companies in these businesses do this. Seems like the best course of action would be to ask prior to making any customer service request if it will result in an extension.
Posted by danie1442 on 2012-06-19:
From what I understand is that you wanted to put your mom's contract into your name. Or did you want to get your own contract?

I am going to guess the latter because it does not seem as if they would have let you adjust her account without her present. If that is the case, you should always read what you sign. The salesperson may not explain things all the way. They may use code or fast talk through things.

I am very familiar with Tmobile and if you are trying to get anything you are in for a two-year ride. They got rid of their old plans last year and everyone had to change to their new "value" and "classic" plans by the end of December 2011. This could have been something you may have gotten caught up in.

They were preparing to be purchased by AT&T but that didn't go through. They wanted everyone in a two-year contract on these new plans because in the fine print it said you couldn't get out of your contract if the company was sold unless you paid a cancellation fee. That was the way they locked people in. It also stated that the new company (AT&T) could change your contract if they wanted to as well.

Check your contract to see what you signed. This is the only way to know what you have. If you don't have it you can go into the store and ask them to pull it up for you. Or, check your online account. I think you learned a hard lesson of reading things before you sign them.

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