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Review by NIDAR on 2005-11-30
I booked a flight from CLT to IAD on november 28th and got confirmation for Decmeber 28th to my email. unaware of it i reached the airport and they siad they cud not see my last name ut they could see my reservation and gave aboarding pass. they did not allow my carry on baggage into cabin so i have to give it to them which has my passport credutcards, my SSN and other INS material. they did not inform where i have to pick and i waited at the carousel for 2 hours and realized to ask the missing luggage and got an answer taht i am supposed to pick it form the flight when i got down. And as thats not a checked in luggage they are not responsible. I filed a report immediately and waited 2 more hours to get my baggage. I am checking the status through phone and did go to airport twice in next 48 hours but did not result in getting my bag. And United doesnt care about it. I heard similar thing from my colleagues. So i strongly request everyone to skip United airlines. Please suggest me the best way to get my baggae if its still there around. reach me at nidarreddy from my yahoo account. thanks
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Posted by Juile on 2005-12-02:
More than once I have had United Airlines snatch my carry on bag right as I was ready to board the plane and they have always made it clear that you need to pick it up just as you exit the plane. I really can offer no advice on how to go about getting it back since it was not coded as regular baggage. I always keep my passport and credit cards in a much smaller bag inside my carry-on so that I can grab it quickly if they do take my carry on away from me. I never let that stuff out of my sight.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-05:
Hey-Y RSstupid...(you said it not me)I never said you and Cracker were the same person. You started this with the poster...I just came to his defense. You're pretty defensive, yourself though, and I know you're not new to this site - you were too quick to jump to the conclusion that I was implying you and Crack were the same person...so don't act like you are some random moron...you're a regular moron. Don't try to convince me you're someone else either...I've already made up my mind, and nothing you say will make me believe otherwise. That may sound discriminatory, and ignorant...oh well. It's not as discriminatory and ignorant as making fun of someone because they don't speak perfect English. I'd like to see you do as well posting on a non-English speaking site as this guy did on this site. Doubt you have the vocab or the grasp of any other language besides the one you grew up speaking, reading and writing to do so...and you don't even read, or write English that well, either. You really want some of this, champ?!?!??!? WELL...DO YA?????
Posted by you r stupid on 2005-12-05:
I don't know what your problem is Moody, I'm sorry you think I am someone else with a different screen name but I'm not. You don't know me so stop calling me a moron, and if at the end of your little comment are you trying to threaten me because if you are BRING IT ON HONEY I'LL EMAIL YOU MY ADDRESS IN JERSEY AND WE CAN SET UP A DATE TO MEET. I'm no little scared child that you can try to intimidate I'm a 31 your old female who's ready whenever you are, so think again if you want to start something.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-05:
Really...a 31 yr old female? You wanna go out sometime?
Posted by you r stupid on 2005-12-05:
LOL I'm married
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-05:
Yeah me too. Oh well. Your feistiness has made me believe that you might not be one of the trouble- making regulars. Still...my point stands...don't trash this guy for not speaking English that well. Ours is the hardest language to learn because it's such a mix of so many other languages.
Posted by you r stupid on 2005-12-05:
I am some what of a trouble maker but I'm not one that you would know from here. And I think it's great that you would stick up for someone on here but thats my opinion, and I am allowed to speak or write it.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-05:
And I'll defend your RIGHT to speak it to the death...even if I don't agree with you!
Posted by you r stupid on 2005-12-05:
Thank you!!!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-06:
Don't thank me. Thank the Constitution of the United States, and the people who've died, and are still dying to make sure we always have the rights contained within it.
Posted by D. on 2005-12-07:
Maddy: I came here on your call for help...I see I'm too late, she already has you wrapped around her finger...and in less time that it took me! There's no going back now hon...
Posted by D. on 2005-12-10:
Hey...I happen to have a license to pick on Maddy...no one else does.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-13:
Perf's a good guy Siff. You're a good guy too. But let's be reasonably honest, while I'll always welcome friends who speak in my defense if they so feel compelled, I only beg one person to fight my battles for me when I don't feel like it...and that's Basher.
Posted by D. on 2005-12-14:
What an honor...Thanks!

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