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Review by Ricardo on 2012-07-05
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NORWALK, CT, CONNECTICUT -- AITE of Stamford have the worse record in helping kids with learning disabilities.

A parent fill and won a complaint against this school with the CT State Department of Education and I want to share the orders and findings with all the parents of CT.

This report can be use by any lawyer or parent of which the programs, accommodations and help had been denied by any school in Connecticut. This is a legal reference and is the first time that happen in CT.

If the district do not comply with the orders of the State Department, can be taken to the attorney general, their federal funds can be hold and even their licences can be revoke.

I hope this will help to which the help to their kids had been denied, because the district count that the parents have not the knowledge of the law or the economic power to take the fight to the end.

Thousands of kids in Stamford, Norwalk and all over the state are receiving the help they need just because the boards do not want or refused to give this children the help they need.

We the parents have the obligation to fight for our kids and give them the opportunity to be successful in their like.

Do not be afraid fill a complaint at the CT State Dept of Education.
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Posted by F. on 2012-07-05:
This sort of thing happens alot these days in recent years, most school systems, including the one I work for, have seen massive budget cuts, this means that things like instructional aids (people who help with disabled students), and even things like touch screens or other specialized (i.e. expensive) materials get cut from the budget as objectively speaking; which gives you more value for your money? Materials that will benefit 20-25 kids in classroom or a materials that will benefit one or two people only? The truth of the matter is that it costs two or three times a much to provide a full time SPED student with an education, and with hugely reduced budgets, SPED is usually one of the first departments to see cuts.

For the school system, they are caught between a rock and a hard place, because they by law have to provide an education for all students, in this case the OP when to the state, and the state said yeah the school system has to provide an education, but of course the state doesn't care about the ability of the county to pay for the eduction. It' a catch 22 situation for the county.

Just to give you an example of the magnitude of the budget cuts going around these days. For the county I work for. Our department budget for 2007 was 7 million dollars (this is for a county wide department). Last year our budget was 700k (again for the whole county), and most of that was spent on new netbooks because the state decided that all students from grade 3 and up should take their SOL testing online, instead of taking them with a pencil and paper. So to reiterate my department is supposed to provide more hardware and more services with only 10% of the funds we used to have. You can imagine how well that's going.

And before anyone brings it up, there's no teachers/educators unions or anything here either. So it's not like we're getting paid alot either.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-07-05:
Unfortunately, one of the problems is that too many people have their children labeled as learning disabled for many reasons, including the right to take longer on tests. The result is that a program which may function well with a few people, creates problems for schools when a lot of people fall in that category. It is a lot like the handicap parking spaces; so many people, on the smallest excuse, get the permit, that it is difficult for those who really need it to get a space.

While in theory, putting disabled children in normal classrooms sounds great, the problem is that it detracts from the education of the other students, e.g. teacher has to spend more time with them, teach at a lower level, etc. It would be better if the learning disabled label were limited to those who really have a problem, so that the available resources--tutors--can be focused on them, so as to enable them to keep up with the rest of the class.

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