Toyota Dealership of Schaumburg Complaint - Ripoff artists - Tacoma

Review by S on 2005-12-05
SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- I wasted about 4 hours of my life at this dealership. I've heard stories of the old good guy bad guy strategy at car dealerships, but I always thought it was just hearsay. Well I actually found a dealership that practices it! I went there to check out new trucks. After picking a model I liked, the sales guy took me through the standard sit here while I go talk to my manager about getting the best offer, etc. He comes back with basically sticker price. I told him that was too much, gave him a reasonable price based on what I knew to be invoice of the vehicle plus some so they would make a little, and I would save a little. From this point on, I was subject to a barrage of different salesmen coming in and out of the office every 10 minutes for 2 more hours. They basically held me captive and kept asking all kinds of weird questions about what I did, and trying to make the car price sound better by stating it in different terms. I had a trade-in, so of course they were working the angles on that. They even had the nerve to say "what's an extra thousand or two when you're spending this much already." I finally had to basically get up and walk out. I tried to be polite about leaving, thanking them for their time, but they still hounded me all the way out the door.

Never again.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2005-12-05:
Welcome to the world of buying cars. Let me let you in on a little secret -- once they start bullsh***ing you, leave. They are not holding you captive, even if you believe so. If you walk, and they really want to sell you a car, they will call you with a better deal. If not, then you know.
Posted by S. on 2005-12-06:
Come on, now! They held you captive? I'd have walked out after the first half-hour of haggling. I don't have the time to have a barrage of several salesmen tell me the same story using different words.
Posted by S on 2005-12-07:
I know. You are right, I should have walked sooner. I guess I just kept thinking they would eventually come down on the price. They obviously thought I would eventually come up on my price. In any case, I found a good dealership outside of town that gave me the price I wanted, no hassles!

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