Margaritas - Gave Them a Second Try, Not Getting a Third One.

Review by eddievisitor on 2012-07-23
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KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- This review is about the Margaritas restaurant in Keene NH. I do not know if the other restaurants in their chain are any better or any worse.

It was one of the hot days we had a couple of weeks back, and I had no desire to stay at home and cook in my hot kitchen. So for a change I decided to try Margaritas for dinner. They weren't crowded in the restaurant or the bar, so I asked for a table for 2 in the restaurant. In the past we have gone to the bar and had drinks and munchie foods, but that night we wanted to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner.

I ordered iced tea with lemon. What I got was a pint glass of warm tea with no ice or lemon. I asked the server to either bring me a glass of iced tea with ice in it or bring me a glass with ice so I could have iced tea. She brought me another glass of warm tea with no ice or lemon. I asked her where the ice was. She said that they had just made the tea and there was no ice in the dispenser. I asked again for a glass of ice so I could have iced tea. She left. 5 minutes later someone else came to the table and asked me if there was a problem. I explained that I ordered iced tea with lemon but what I got was a pint of warm tea with no ice or lemon. He apologized, took the 2 glasses of warm tea and came back with a glass of iced tea with no ice or lemon. I asked where the ice was, he looked stunned for a second, took the glass away and came back with the same glass and a glass of ice. There was still no lemon, but I figured I'l consider myself lucky that I actually got some ice so I let it go. My girlfriend ordered a diet cola and she got ice in her soda.

After the great ice adventure we decided to order dinner. We decided to start with the baby chimis, when we sit in the bar we usually order these and the are good. And they were good this time, no complaints. For the main dish I ordered the Chicken and Steak Combo Fajitas, she ordered the Chicken Sunburst Salad. It took a bit of time to get these to the table, but they were getting busy so it was understandable. However the Chicken and Steak combo had hardly any steak or chicken and the Chicken Sunburst salad was mostly lettuce with a few chicken bits and some sad looking avocado stuck on the top. Both dishes seemed to be heavily salted, to the point that we just couldn't eat them. The server asked if we wanted the leftovers wrapped up, we declined, paid the bill, left a tip (not as large as I would normally leave because of the iced tea fiasco) and left.

I went to the Margaritas website and left a complaint about the no ice iced tea and the salty food. A couple of days later I got a reply from the manager. He wanted to meet with us to discuss things. We met with him a week later, he apologized for the problems and gave us coupons for free appetizera and entrees. So we decided to give them another chance.

3 days later we went back to Margaritas. I did get ice in my iced tea, but the food was still overly salty and hardly edible. We gave the server our coupons, and left. We will not be going back. The food at the local Taco Bell is better than the food at Margartas, and that is saying something. When we go to the movies we normally stop in Margaritas bar before or after the film, but I think we will find someplace else to go and spend our money from now on.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-23:
Well written review. Thanks
Posted by T on 2012-07-23:
This is the downside of coupons and invites to come back and be mistreated again. I've been there and done that. Typically, I am more inclined these days that if I have a bad experience I don't go back.

Excellent review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-07-23:
Good review. You gave them a second chance to make things right.

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