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Rogers - Aweful

cell phone server - Complaint
Review by debbie v 77 on 2012-07-23
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Aweful - I finally got smart and purchased my own cell phone after monthly bills of $200.00 to $400.00 on an Iphone that was purchased on a three year plan with rogers. I tried to end contract in person at rogers store in mall - but was told has to be done by phone... I will NEVER sign up for a plan again, there is the honeymoon period - when you get your new phone !! well sometime down the road comes the time when you have to phone because your bills are so very high - yes, I was on the family plan with my son - we both needed cell phones and Rogers seemed so nice when we signed up - I used my old phone which was old - my son got the new black berry. So now we are both joined at the hip with this company - who seems so nice at the beginning. I originally had 1 year left in a three year contract - now I have four years and no new phone - but little did I understand that I am hooked up with them for 4 years - I was never told this!! I have been with Rogers for about 7 years - I was a very good customer - until I got my own phone - signed up with a non binding plan (not rogers) - Yes I can walk away anytime with no problem - $500.00 up front and no contract MMM! Good deal yes! YES!!!!! Well I had to cancel with rogers and finish my back breaking payments - a lot of times I was paying for a new phone every few monthes - I phoned rogers - nice girl she kept me on the phone and tried to go over old bills to see where I could save money - no thanks - Ive tried that with you guys, and, Ive already started with new phone - I just need to know the payout - so I can go on with my life - I had surprise 36 monthes to go - no way to get explanation on this - I also had to get my poor son to take over his share of the acoount which he did - but guess what - rogers had no history of this in there computer system (he did it and was on the cell phone with them for over an hour) I told them that is not my problem they can't keep there records straight and just want to pay out my fee and be done with them. Well of course first girl couldn't tell me total (20 min at this time very nice - lots of silly chit chat and put on hold) next she hands me to another handler - this one pretty well stone walls me and tells me I can't quit because my poor son may have no cell phone as there is no history of his phone call (1 hour long for him) I tell them lets make this quick Ive gotta go for dinner - she tells me this is not her problem.... NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE HUH! Ok so fianlly I say I need your manager whom she had put me on hold to verify why she can't let me end contract, I am on hold for 8 minutes - he gets on line and then says I have to be on hold again because he needs to go over notes! I demand to know fee and pay he says wait.... I wait - it is now 45 min..... it is a beautiful day - these guys seem to think that by pissing me off Ill stay with them... finally after some rough words - I demand to pay my $400.00 fee - they say they can't shut my phone off till August 21 because it may upset me - I think they are sending a hit man out to steal my phone and make charges - thats how bad this experience was ! Anyway I still have one more month tied to the teat with them at their mercy .... (my phone is off and put away in hiding!) My poor son .. I was tempted to pay his shut off fee and pay the $800.00 they demanded of me just to really piss them off - but that is my sons problem - I just might still do that as a xmass and birthday gift combined. Anyway - after almost 1 hour on phone with "Edwin" the handler at rogers and his bunch of sharks NEVER AGAIN will I deal with Rogers - terrible service - I asked if they have contests for keeping people on the phone - They are passive aggresive in their dealings - they make you waste your valuble time and hope youll just stay with them - I guess some people can't afford to cut the line - and how upsetting, too much money is being made by these companies and we the consumer seem to have a very tiny voice.

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