Eagle Rental - Bed-Bugs Were Found to Be in the Bottom/base of Box Springs I Got From Them, and They Came, Sprayed W/horrible Smelling Stuff That

Used Mattress/box Spring That I Was Told Was Spray Chemically by Manufacturer - Complaint
Review by wilsond5 on 2012-08-11
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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I purchased a brand new bedroom set, along w/used cleaned mattresses from Eagle Rental I believe in Feb/March 2012. While in the store, I mentioned that I was leery about purchasing used bedding because of the horror stories I had heard about bed bugs and other things, but the salesmen in the store assured me that they had this special stuff that they had to use to clean all furniture previously used before selling to the public, (Ramone and Joe)said everything would be fine.

Against my better judgment, I purchased it, partially because I have limited funds, and was so glad to be off the floor sleeping, as I had been doing for 1 1/2 years, because while going through a bankruptcy, I lost a lot. Well, 2 months ago, I noticed that I had a few red bumps on me, as did my Granddaughter, who had spent the night with me...I thought they were spider bites, as I live in a grassy/shady area. It wasn't until I went to change my sheets again, I saw something I thought, move, so I looked in the direction I saw it move, it was where the box-spring meets the frame. Low and behold, there was a mess of bed bugs. I immediately started screaming, snatched up the linen, put it in a plastic garbage bag, and put it out on patio

I called the store frantically, they came out the next day, they saw them, tried to figure that they came from somewhere else. They walked and checked in my living room, etc. I told them I'm not a nasty person, and prior to having that furniture, I HAD NO BEDBUGS!! They asked me to let them send someone out the very next day to spray with this chemical everywhere before taking another step. They said this stuff was super strong and would kill anything! I was so wacked out and had an itchy feeling, plus the smell/fumes were so strong, even with all windows opened. I slept elsewhere for the night! I also threw my Comforter Set away, because I wasn't sure if washing it myself would kill the bugs!

After that, for about a month, I saw nothing...in the meantime, the bed frame broke when I sat down to tie shoes! I'm not that heavy that that would've happened, I called them, and they said I was about the 6-7th person that happened to recently, that they would come out and give me a better, more sturdier one, because they contacted the company who gave them to them, and they reimbursed them for all those, because it was obvious, with all the complaints, that something was wrong!

When they sent Renee out to give me the much better bed frame, he went to lift the box spring up, and low and behold, there was a massive collection again...he yelled, I screamed, and he got on the phone with Ramone...Renee was the one who sprayed the first time, so he was aware!!! He told them what was going on, they asked him did he have some of that spray with him, he said yes, all the while I'm in the background screaming I want that set outta there. They told him to spray for now, also told him to tear the black bottom off of the box springs, and when he did it from one, we really didn't see anything, but when he ripped off the other one, they were clustered in there, and started moving about everywhere! They told him to spray real good, the stuff was real strong, all windows were open, and I thought I was gonna gag from the fumes!!! Renee told them, and I told them that I don't want that set anymore, if I'm paying, I want a new one...they don't want to oblige. They said they wanted to order this angel dust powder and and something else to spray this time, plus lift up my carpet around bed and spray...WHY??? I want a new set, and they kept telling me that because it had been several months before I FIRST called to complain, that they don't believe me. They didn't accuse me of lying, but I get the feeling that's what they are implying...HOW would I know to say that I had BEDBUGS after you assured me of your CHEMICAL CLEANING???? I just thought that we were bit by SPIDERS@first, why would I think anything else??? And since I first thought spider, they are right, I wouldn't notify them for that...but hell, I was no expert w/the bites, had no idea that the welps were bedbug bites til I put 2 and 2 together, main thing is, these people are still refusing to switch set out because they said I didn't report it when THEY think I should have....PLEASSSEEE!!!!!! Can you help me, because they are NOT, and I'm totally DIS-SATISFIED!!!!
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-08-12:
Perhaps the next step would be taking legal action against the company for delivering a mattress set that had bedbugs. They need to at least pay to have a professional exterminator get rid of the bed bugs via a heat treatment procedure (in which the residence is heated inside to 140-150 degrees, and powerful heated hoses are used to kill the bed bugs.) Bed bugs are resistant to most chemical pesticides, although there are non-toxic products on the market that are used for killing bed bugs yourself-the active ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate-the same ingredient used in soaps and shampoos. Sodium lauryl sulfate dissolves the bed bugs' body shells. Some of these products also come in travel sizes for spraying bed bugs in hotel/motel rooms. And once the bed bugs are gone, try to get a BRAND NEW mattress set from the rental company...or elsewhere.
Posted by wilsond5 on 2012-08-12:
thanks for this information...very helpful and informative, i may just still get a lawyer for my troubles, and i will look into getting and keeping some of that product on hand...again, thanks!

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