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Review by oganagain on 2012-08-17
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FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a Kaiser Permanente member since 1996. I have been pretty happy with the care provided but my share of cost has increased from $68.00 per month in 2005 to $663.00 per month in 2011. Unfortunately I work for county government and my pay has decreased 9% while my insurance has risen 500%. My employer is still paying the same amount now as in 2002 which is over and above the $663.00 that is deducted from my paycheck monthly.
My complaint is that if I continue to pay these premiums I will lose my house. Therefore I am forced to enroll in the less expensive Blue Cross HMO and so far I have been unsuccessful finding a doctor to accept my daughter and myself.
Kaiser made $5.7 billion in profit between 2009 and 2011 yet the premiums are devastating. Many of my coworkers have left Kaiser for the same reason as I am. Premiums to high for the working poor. I have spent thousands of dollars for my Kaiser coverage and have little to show for it. To put this in prespective, I make $36K a year and spend $8,216 out of pocket for Kaiser coverage. That number DOES NOT include copays for prescriptions and doctor visits, which have cost in excess of $1000 so far this year (Aug 2012). Two years ago I wrote to the corporate office in Oakland, CA and received and form letter in reply. If I was indigent I could have Kaiser virtually free. But alas, I work. And because I work my premiums are raised to cover the cost of those of us unwilling or unable to work. Somehow as I struggle to keep my family afloat it strikes me as unfair.
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Posted by Bill on 2012-08-17:
This is exactly what Obamacare will do. Raise the premiums of the working to pay for the non-working and illegals.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-08-17:
This is another darned good reason to Support President Obama and the Healthcare Reform act which will regulate this type of practice and lower the cost for us all.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-08-17:
no business can offer more service to more people without adjusting rates. Everyone from the doctor to the floor mopper wants more money each year. We demand more sophisticated equipment to diagnose and treat our conditions. Not going to go into the 1 800 BAD DRUG lawyers
Posted by leet60 on 2012-08-18:
Part of the increase is likely due to the agreement between your employer and Kaiser. With employer contributed health care plans, the rates are negotiated as the contract renews. If your employer had the option of increasing their contribution or the employees increasing theirs, guess which they chose. Additionally, the number and type of claims for the group paid out in the previous year are factored in to the negotiation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-18:
HMO's are horrible. I would never enroll into an HMO program because you are very limited to where you can go.

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