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Review by colleth_21 on 2012-08-21
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WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN -- LOCATION: 3225 South 108th Street West Allis, WI 53227 -(877) 420-056
#$%#$ Wilde is what I think about them. My new car will buy form another dealer which is not affiliated to Wilde. I'm a Toyota guy, our family has bought a total of 6 new Toyotas since 2003 from Wilde. The service dept sucks. In 2005, bought a new Camry, 3 days later, car has always been pulling to the left on the freeway, took it in, under an hour they apologized and said they just replaced my suspension and aligned the car. But didn't make a big stink about it as the car slightly pulls to left when you left the steering go at any speed. Fine. Then drove to Canada after a month and noticed my radio would stop receiving stations, even in Milwaukee as well. Took it in, they said we replaced it, well guess what, had to retun 5 times before I was fed up and jotted the serial number on the radio and found out by another service tech that it was never replaced that the original one. I was fed up at this point and had to use the word F#$% this place, you wasted my days off of work to come here each time to solve this issue. Then finally they replaced it, awesome radio was fixed.
2 years later, went for an oil change, drove the car home, pulled out in the morning to go to work and a pubble of oil under the car, buttholes didn't tighten the bolt on the oil pan, I called them and told me to bring the car over, took it there and they checked it and said the bolt is tight and it was an over spill from our techs, are you kidding me, a puddle on my clean garage floor is an over spill... lol I was pissed. There were some days they were understaffed and poop hits the fan there, you asked for tire rotation, luckly I marked my tires... heheeh paid for rotation and didn't get one, caught them red handed that Friday evening, he apologized but if I didn't do that I might have been hustled. Wilde is starting to get a ghetto name for themselves. Half ass job. Recently, heres the fun stuff, I went there last week Saturday, 3 guys on the floor and lot of cars, they were backed up, so I told my service guy, I am using synthetic oil, please.. please don't get it mixed up, he said that will cost $70 total. No problem signed the paper work, figured he got it right. I was waited for 2 hours, car was done jumped in drove off. I had other things taken care of as well, alignment rotation. Then I was reading through the work they did and noticed "regular oil" $14.99
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT I made a you turn went back and was pissed, the service guy "hispanic guy" looks at me and said thats what you wanted. OMG I wanted to punch his face in. I love my Toyota I take good care of it, so now I have regular and synthetic all mixed up in my engine. #$%#$%.. So he apologized and had to wait another 45min and still paid for the syntheic oil and was credited back for the regular. I have just had it with them. I am really sharp at paying attention to details, its my job as a profession and I see so much crap pass through me that I catch it. I feel bad for others that go through this. Our other vehicles are no longer serviced at Wilde, were changing to other dealer. If you do take your car here, please pay attention to details don't assume anything and do your research on Google before servicing your car. I am just tired of repeating their check off list to ensure my vehicle is done right. I know they are busy but you can not do poor workmanship thats cost to you on your engine over the coming years, you will pay for repairs out of your pocket just coz a tech decides to check off something he missed. I had a mechanic friend in 2003 working at this wilde location and his told me stuff that would shock you, they meet quota, testing driving customer cars is fun they get to race it behind wilde facilty steet, if the car looks new skip the unnecessary check boxes, no need to check the brakes thickness if you can pop the hood and look at the brake fluid level. Quite a few cut corners stuff.

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