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Review by ontario_girl on 2012-08-23
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INNISFIL -- We have ordered from this Pizza Pizza location in the past with nothing but incorrect orders. We order online and the instructions are printed clearly on the order form so we can only assume that the cook is either illiterate or just wasn't paying attention. Either way, we stopped ordering from Pizza Pizza for almost a year.
This past week, we decided that we would try Pizza Pizza again, hoping that they had cleaned house and the particular person who couldn't make orders properly would be gone. Lo and behold, we received yet another wildly incorrect order. This time my husband called customer service to put in a complaint. I'm in customer service; I realize that mistakes do happen. But this was just ridiculous.
Customer service promised a correct re-order. While we were waiting, we received a call from the cook of the restaurant in question. The cook argued with my husband, telling him that he had made the order and it was correct. My husband stated that he was looking at the product in his hands and he could definitely say it was not what we ordered. The cook threatened to come to our house to deal with the situation and hung up on my husband. Another immediate call to customer service resulted in a shrugging of the shoulders and an empty promise to have the district manager call us.
One of the customer service agents my husband spoke to commented, "I don't know what's wrong with that store lately," prompting us to believe that our complaint hasn't been the only one. I can tell you exactly what is wrong with that store: the cook is hardly able to speak a word of English and should not be working anywhere where he comes in contact with human beings. If I argued with a customer like that at my job, I wouldn't even be able to get the words out before my boss' footprint would be on my behind and I'd be out the door and out of a job. Unless you're just dying to have your order maimed and mangled, or to be harassed and threatened by their rude, arrogant cook, steer clear of Pizza Pizza in Innisfil, Ontario.
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-08-23:
Stop ordering from them. There are many more pizza places out there.
Posted by Bee on 2012-08-23:
Melissa - the OP lives in a small community that has at BEST 3 pizza places - and I wouldn't eat at any of them. Pizza Pizza is the best of a bad lot there. I have never liked Pizza Pizza - they make some of the worst pizza out there. Unfortunately, in Innisfil, you don't have many options for delivery.

So to say "there are many more pizza places out there" is incorrect in this instance. Trust me, we had a cottage up there until recently (sold it 18 months ago)
Posted by ontario_girl on 2012-08-24:
Bee is absolutely correct. I love my town but there is a very limited number of pizza places. And seeing as it's at least a twenty minute drive into Barrie (neighbouring town), we're pretty limited for pizza places.

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