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Review by Rczapek on 2012-08-25
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GAINES TOWNSHIP MARKET PLACE, MICHIGAN -- 8 out of 10 times I have been in Meijers (different )times. I have to sit on a bench and wait for a handicap cart. There are times where there are 3 people ahead of me. When I talked to the welcome person she said it's been this way for hours. Sometimes I leave and go to Family Fare. They aways have carts, yet they are busy. I will pay more for my groceries there, but what can you do when you're 83 Years old, and can hardly get around?

Please look into this. This is one of the things about the golden years..people don't care about you. I wish you would answer this concern. E mail. Rczapek@gmail.com. Tx 1. 616 656 0820. Thank you
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Posted by D. on 2012-08-25:
It's not a good idea to post your phone number on the Internet...of course, it's your choice but if you want, you can edit it or just let me (a moderator) know and I can delete it for you.
Posted by F. on 2012-08-26:
Keep in mind that the invalid carts are there as a courtesy. If all the carts are in use, then it is what it is. Frankly, I'd be happy that they even have working carts in the first place many stores don't even both to repair or service their carts.

Alternatively you can bring your own cart and avoid the wait.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-08-27:
We have the same thing at our walMart. Usually all of the Smart Karts are in use. I had a cart taken away from me the other day, because the greeter said someone was comiong from the other entryway to get it. I should have held my ground and said first come, first serve. Last time I was in, they had a cart that the tiller was all taped up and you had to hold the tiller at about a 30 degree angle to go anywhere near straight. and it was very road crazy. But they are there as a courtesy, but few customers treat them right, so they have to keep calling maintenance to work on them. Blame your fellow shoppers.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-11-08:
You may qualify for a "Hover round" (at little or no cost to you...) Look into it, babcha.

PS I can barely remember it called "Thrifty Acres" that goes way back!

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