Capital Collection Agency N.Y. - They Are a Scam!! Tried to Collect When No Money Was Owed

Review by Thelma on 2012-09-03
In 2008 my wife transferred her Citibank C. C. balance to her Discover Card. They had a promotional Zero percent rate for a year. About a week ago Capital Collection started calling both the house and her cell phone numerous times a day demanding to be paid $195.00. Keep in mind since 2008 we have moved and have a new address, house & cell phone number. They claimed that Citibank is owed this delinquent balance but offered a deal. Pay in the next 48 hours and the balance will be reduced to $125.00. "We will send a letter to the Credit Bureau stating the debt was paid in full."

Really? Called Citibank. They stated you owe us nothing and the account number that Capital is trying to collect does not exist. Wait it gets better. Called Trans Union. Capital claimed they have the delinquent Credit File from them. Guess what? No Record, it doesn't exist.

Capital or whoever these thieves are, is a Scam trying to get uninformed people to pay non existent C. C. balances. They use pressure tactics and intimidation trying to steal your money. Be smart and aware, don't fall for this.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-09-03:
i too have report this type of scam before on this forum. there are people out there preying on un-imformed persons.
Posted by D. on 2012-09-03:
Anytime I transfer a balance, I keep all my records showing the transfer because you never know when someone will try to pull something like this. Send them debt validation request and see what they send to you...then send a registered Cease and desist letter, registered with return receipt. Once they get it, keep track of any communications they make or try to make to you.

Besides, a settlement wouldn't show as paid in full on a credit report...it would show as a settlement...they should know that!

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