McDonald - Childish Service Is Bad

Review by Saeedtawwab on 2012-09-07
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CALIFORNIA -- I was waiting in line to order behind a McDonald's employee. I overheard the completion of the order, afterwards they continued their conversation about what I'm not sure. I was aggravated after 6 minutes and sat down. Later after their talk I walked back and was cut off by the employee and the two proceeded to talk more.. hungry and aggravated I spoke I want to order the ordering employee step to the side and said "said I'm a nobody go right ahead.

I told her that I didn't like what happened she told me she did not care. I looked for manager but he put down his head not taking control of a very serious situation. I like eating at McDonald. I charge my phone and serf the net but employees morning and evening treat obviously and I'm forced to make a compliant because I don't want to come here to eat. It's a convenience because McDonald's stay open long enough for me to have a meal.
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Posted by F. on 2012-09-07:
Was your order actually ready to go after 6 minutes? Whenever I order my usual (fillet-o-fish combo meal, no cheese or tarter sauce on the fish) it often takes a few minutes for them to make it, understandable IMHO as its a special order. Also realize that people who take your order aren't the same people who make the food. So there isn't anything they could've done to make your food arrive any sooner. If they were ignoring people who were waiting to order then that would be a problem, but if they took your order and there was nobody else in line, then I can't fault them for talking to each other.

She told you that she didn't care because, it's not her job to make the food, it's her job to take your order and that's it. The manager could've explained it to you, but if they were backed up in the kitchen, then his time would better be spent trying to get things straightened in the back, then would be spending the same time explaining to you why the people who took your order weren't the ones who were causing the orders to be filled slowly.

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