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Review by jmdeegan on 2012-09-11
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GOLDEN VALLEY, MINNESOTA -- I went into this dealership on or about the 7th of August, 2012. At this point, my trade was valued and a price negotiated. We were about $600.00 off my the trade for my vehicle in order to pull the trigger and purchase from this dealership - As most savvy consumers I needed some time to think about this purchase; my goal was lowing my payment.

Yes I had a 2012 Mercedes trading for a 2012 Infiniti (lease).

On the 20th of August I was contacted by the salesman, [snip], asking if I was still interested or if I had purchased anything yet. I told him no. He stated they would stick by their numbers and make the deal happen. I took an additional 15 days to think about this purchase - On the 10th of September I contacted Jaime and stated that I was interested in purchasing the vehicle if the numbers would still work. He stated he would get in touch with his sales manager and get back with me. He called me and said, "we need you to come into the dealership, we can make the figures work." I went back into the dealership, they again looked at my car - it now had 300-400 miles more - no scratches - SAME VEHICLE - nothing changed.

The sales manager told Jaime to come back to me and explain that my car would bring $2,500.00 less now and my payment $70.00 more per month. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!? After 20 days my car is worth $2,500.00 less - RIGHT - I THINK NOT! 1st of all if my 2012 is worth $2,500.00 less, certainly their vehicle which was STILL ON THE LOT is worth $2,500.00 less.........no of course I didn't expect that.

They are a scam. They wasted my time, tried to 'con' me into a horrible deal. If anything changed it was the fact that the Infiniti was now on their lot an additional 20 days, a new month and more aggressive dealer incentives. RIDICULOUS. I have bought 36 vehicles in my day (Am no I'm not that old) and NEVER once have I been treated so poorly.

Buyer beware.
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Posted by T on 2012-09-11:
Quite simply, what was their explanation for the reduction in offer? That is critical to the situation.
Posted by F. on 2012-09-11:
Not a scam. They an offer one day isn't guaranteed for the next day. What might've happened is that they were more willing to cut a deal towards the end of the month, you waited 15 days to think about the purchase, which would put you towards the first half of the next month, at which point the dealership wasn't as desperate to make a deal. Again, you had the option to purchase earlier, and chose not do so at that time, that's your prerogative, but it's also the dealer's prerogative to change their offer especially after 20 days.

This isn't scam at all. You just gambled and lost this time around.
Posted by Josh on 2012-09-11:
Sorry but I don't think this complaint is fair to the dealership. When I walk away from a deal, I walk knowing that I would have to renegotiate from the start. You should not expect your deal to hold.

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