Big Boy Restaurant - Grilled Chicken Sandwich - Where Is It?

Review by wjk898 on 2012-09-22
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So Big Boy, Inc hired a new marketing genius and, congratulations... its another wonderboy... who thinks that everything has to be slathered with a pile of rubber cheese or some other newly created, preferably south-of-the-border, or third world, other-based condiment, in order to get the entirely programmed customer to salivate. I know the drill. I could teach all four years of "marketing" courses myself, despite the fact that my degree was in fluid mechanics.

The ruination of the heretofore "good-enough-to-pay-the-electric-bills-all-these-years" "Big Boy" hamburger, now with this nonsense sugary relish (a gaggy import from Maharasthra state - and by the way "worst hamburger ever, Mom!") wasn't enough. You had to take the consistently best grilled chicken sandwich widely available, and fluff it up to some condiment slathered heart attack in a bun, just (I presume) to tickle the taste buds of a junior high schooler, now with 7 dollars in their pocket, and effectively hide the now inferior or poorly prepared chicken breast fillet under all that happy junk. How's it workin' for ya?

I sense from my recent and previously very reuglar, trips to your restaurant, that a grilled chicken sandwich on a very good bun, (the grilled chicken cooked to perfection, by the way!,,,never a flavorless piece of wood) with lettuce and tomato, anything else added, only if I specifically ask for it, with plain old mayo, is what? too under-dramatic to keep on the menu? And now when I request this sandwich I get it cooked lousey, some other junk dumped on it, not to mention, a waitress that can't seem to get what I'm ordering? As we say around here..."Buh bye."

Why don't you just put a sparkler and wind up merry go round on every sandwich if its visual? stimulation you're aiming at.

The point is, you are another restaurant mindlessly trying to be something you're not and never were. And all you're gonna do is lose all those old loyal customers who one by one realize that the original stuff your restaurant offered is no longer available in an unfettered state. Lost me as a customer....after sheesh, 40 years or more. STUPIDS!
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Posted by S. on 2012-09-22:
I'd be willing to bet you have trouble finding replacement parts for your Gremlin, don't you? :)
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-09-22:
Eat your squeeze cheese on anything but anything and don't forget to say " mmmm f'ntastic!"
Posted by Stupendous Man on 2012-09-25:
Cool story bro.
Posted by Anthony on 2012-10-05:
He has a valid point. It's something that's irritated me for years now. There's a very old, very common saying - if it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT. Some people do actually like the 'classic' fare. If you want to make some new variation on the classic, fine - you can sell it side-by-side with the original. There is nothing saying that the 'new version' has to entirely replace the tried-and-true.

And, Ponie.... just because somebody prefers the classic fare doesn't make them wrong. Not everybody goes ga-ga over the latest 'thing', and these corporations would do well to remember that.

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