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Review by jandc8 on 2012-09-23
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- How important is customer service? In my opinion it is as important as sales and the prices of the merchandise.

I went to Giant to buy my favorite ice cream that was on sale, of course they were out. I was given a rain check for 6. I came back the next week and bought 2.The clerk became very adamant that I had to buy everything that was on the shelf then if there was none left they would write me a new rain check. I had never heard this before. So I went back and bought the rest that was on the shelf. Grudgingly she gave me a new rain check. Now this is the real thing about all of that, It was the way I felt about the store when I walked out. She was probably right about the policy but I was upset at the confrontation, so much so that I am writing about it.
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Posted by T on 2012-09-23:
If I understand correctly, you were upset that your raincheck had to be used all at once, assuming the stated number of items were available.

That sounds consistent with what I have heard, but I admit I can't remember getting one since shopping with my mom as a little shaver.

I think the motivation is logical - you couldn't buy what you wanted while it was on sale, so you were given a raincheck. Thus, it makes sense you would buy everything you wanted once it is back in stock, on one day. Otherwise, it gives you an extra time period to come back and get the sale price an additional time. You wouldn't be entitled to this privilege if there were enough items in stock.

On another note, I love my Giant. I actually first started shopping at Giant near Baltimore, though I live elsewhere now.
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-23:
I thought you meant that you had to actually 'buy everything on the shelf" like all of the ice cream that was stocked. lol After reading what 'trmn8r wrote then I realized that you had to buy 6 items because that is what your rain check was for. You asked for a rain check for 6 items, so you should buy 6 items.

Sounds reasonable to me
Posted by spiderman2 on 2012-09-24:
I think it is a reasonable policy. You said you wanted 6 so when it was back in stock you need to get 6 or lose your raincheck. The raincheck isn't a way for you to get the sale price for weeks and weeks. If it was, I would clear the shelf, ask for a raincheck for 30 more and buy the product at that price for the rest of the year.
Posted by Josh on 2012-09-24:
I think if the customer got the raincheck discount only at the time of this current purchase, that would be okay. But as others have said, if they wanted the raincheck discount until they purchased the 6 listed, then it's not okay.

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