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Downstairs AC Unit - Complaint
Review by cdlstarfish on 2012-10-05
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I bought a foreclosure home that offered 2 year warranty for certain appliances in the home. My AC unit for the downstairs went out so I called home protect. It was a$100 deductible, which I was fine with. The AC company they contracted with came after a few days and said my compressor was bad and they needed to report it to the warranty company. The warranty company called and told me they would replace the compressor but that I had to pay for the freon and removal, which was $85. Needless to say I payed even though I didn't agree with it....it was summer time and I live in Texas so it really was an emergency. Not even a year goes by and my downstairs AC goes out again. Guess what? Same thing...the compressor was bad. I called home protect. They again charged me $100 for the deductible since it has been over 180 days since the last claim. On top of that they decided again they would replace the compressor but I would have to pay $200 for the freon and removal. I told them it was very odd for the exact same thing to happen. The house is only 7 years old! I have to replace the same thing twice in less than 2 years? The warranty company had no empathy. I tried to speak with their supervisor and twice I was hung up on. I talked with 3 different people and told them I should not have to pay for something that has happened twice. They said it was still my responsibility and that it was federal law for them to dispose and remove properly. I found out that was a crock and what the company does it takes it to a junk yard to sell and make a profit off of. They also will get credited for the previous compressor since it was a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Again, nothing to help out the customer. They don't lose out on any money and I have to continue to pay. To some it up, I have payed $485 for just one AC.

Thats not including the problems I have had with the upstairs AC (another horrible story I will not go further into). They told me every warranty company doesn't cover the disposal and removal. That is BS. The same time this was happening, my fridge stopped cooling. I had another warranty company that I've had for 5 years. They told me the compressor went bad and that it will need to be placed. I payed $0. No deducible, no removal and disposal fee, nothing. They take care of everything as long as it a mechanical issue and not cosmetic. The company is pitiful. My recommendation is to look for another company that overs better quality service, customer care, and resolves issues quickly and efficiently.

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