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Review by peachy clean on 2012-10-09
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I am very disappointed in the original Scottissue lately. My family and I have been using it for years but I recently switched to another brand. It is so thin that it comes all apart when I use it. The reason I started using it years ago was because I discovered that it was so strong. Also a roll lasted so much longer than other brands. Now it is not a good value at all besides rolling up in little pieces when I clean myself with it. I even find little pieces of it in my underwear and on the bathroom floor. Don't know what has changed about it but unless it improves to be as good as it once was, I will not buy it again.
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Posted by T on 2012-10-09:
My mum bought Scott's for our family. I naturally became a consumer myself.

Sometime about 8 years ago, I realized I was sanding my bum when I wiped, and I didn't like that. I switched to Charmin, my bum in no longer cherry red, and everything is swell, or should I say "well". On an inflation-adjusted basis, I believe the price has actually gone down to about what Scott's was years ago.
Posted by Vinnie on 2012-10-09:
I also had to switch. Scott used to have the best roll of paper EVER. I now use Cottonelle. I've also had to leave Bounty for Sparkle. Don't know what corners they're cutting with our paper products these days. Shame :-(
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-10-09:
I stopped buying Scott tissue after unrolling some one day, I found a flattened corn hull incorporated into one of the sheets. Yuck! Where do you presume that came from? Is Scott paper dipping in the municipal honeydew pots for recycled paper? After throwing up, I tossed the rest of that roll out and now buy the dollar store brand which is so flimsy you have to use twice as much but oh well.
Posted by Thelma on 2012-10-10:
"My bum" was highly irritated by Scott's and it fell apart when used. Switched to Charmin. Much better but it tends to clog the toilet. Cottonelle is soft and absorbent and works well for me. It doesn't clog the toilet. Costco sells this really cheap so this is my "preferred wipe."

This has to be a "man's post." Women rarely discuss this. LOL
Posted by Alain on 2012-10-10:
We used to use Scott some years back. I stopped buying it when it reminded me of the toilet tissue I had to use in the old Soviet Union.
Posted by Johanna on 2012-10-10:
My mom still uses scotts. I buy the stuff that Aldi sells.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-10-20:
Did any of you know that Berbers and Arabs use sand and their left fingers? That's why, if you ever notice, they only use their right hand to handle food. How eco-friendly, eh.
Posted by D. on 2012-10-20:
I've noticed the same thing with Angel Soft.

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