DaCiro Complaint - unbelievably poor service

Review by mizzy3030 on 2005-12-30
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- DaCiro is an upscale Italian restaurant in midtown Manhattan which received glowing reviews on most website. however, when my boyfriend and I dined here our experience was absolutely herendous. we were sitted in the worst table in the house, right infront of the door, such that everytime a patron walked in we were greeted with a cold draft (it is december in NYC after all.) We complained to the waitor, who said he would talk to the manager about it, but never got back to us. While the manager greeted EVERY SINGLE person at the door and took their coats, he never ever approached us and asked us the same. we were not served any water or bread with our meal, until i asked for it. we were completely ignored by our waitor the entire time. when the food arrived every other diner was asked if they wanted pepper and parmesan, BUT NOT US. I had enough so I complained to the manager directly, who promptly filled up my water glass and offered us a free dessert. I declied, saying we couldn't stand another minute in his restaurant. then he left and came back only to explain that the reason we didn't get any bread is because it doesn't go well with pasta, however, everybody else got bread and pasta is the only thing they had on the menu. i told him not to rationalize the poor service and then he said he would be right back with our check. when he came back he said if we're not happy, please don't come back. I was absolutely shocked so i asked to speak to the owner, who happened to be there. the owner proceded to express the same poor attitude as the manager, basically telling us to f**k off. he then escorted us out of the restaurant, pretending he was kicking us out (to save face of course.) we were never offered any refunds on our bill, of course we left no tip at all. I was so angry by the time we left, i shouted expletives at the owner which he returned. i am still shocked that they could treat their customers in such a way. I have no doubt that it is in large part due to the fact they we are a young couple in our mid 20's, and dont look as prosperous as some of the other diners at this "fine" establishment.
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Posted by miketech on 2005-12-31:
Sounds pretty bad. I've been treated like that a a one here in Tennessee. Atleast you didn't complain and then finish your meal. That scares me. Complaining and then staying there to eat.
Posted by S on 2006-03-02:
I was recently in New York City for the first time. I was surprised to see that folks are actually quite friendly and helpful when you need help. Completely changed my perspective.

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