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Review by mrselfdestruct101 on 2012-10-12
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NICEVILLE, FLORIDA -- My wife, my son and myself visited the er because my wife was in pain. They brought her back to take her vitals and told us they will come get me and my son in a few minutes. 45 minutes later no one came. I go ask what's up and they said they won't let my 3 year old back there for his own safety. A MONTH prior they let him back when he was the patient. They said there are germs and its unsafe, unless he's sick apparently. They told us one thing to get her back there cooperatively because she was upset going back without us. Then they apparently change the policy now that my wife was being treated. They lied to lure her back there and that's absolutely terrible customer service. Guy on the phone was a complete [snip] when I called to find out why.
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Posted by Yumm, cookies! on 2012-10-12:
The poster is upset because he was told one thing by one person "we'll comeback to get you" meaning both he and his son. Then after 45 minutes he was told no his son wasn't allowed. Why didn't the personnel just say that in the first place. The man could of known what arrangements he needed to make for the care of the son.

If he was told the truth from the very beginning there probably wouldn't of been a problem. Not everyone has a lot of hospital experience. That is something we gain with age and the little bloops and bleeps of life.
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-10-12:
Another thing that I don't understand is how they "lied to get your business" ? You took your wife to the ER because she was in pain, you weren't opting on a Elective Surgery and they lied about cost/in care services.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-12:
I understand you are upset, they gave you incorrect information. But they did not lie to get your business. It is sometimes left to the staff's discretion whether or not to allow children in to the ER. The hospital here doesn't allow children either. When I was in the ER after a car accident, my 3.5 year old wasn't allowed back there with me. When my husband had back surgery 7 weeks later, my daughter wasn't allowed past the front lobby. I was also told that it was up to the staff in his unit to decide whether or not she could go up to visit him. Their stance is that children carry a lot of germs. Which is true but I think their main reasoning is that people bring ALL of their kids and allow them run all over the hospital and be loud.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2012-10-12:
You're comparing apples and oranges. The first time, your son was the patient so of course they let him in the back. What were they supposed to do, treat him in the waiting room? It sounds like they gave you incorrect info when your wife went there but I don't think it was intentional. They didn't lie to get your wife to go in the back. What you are implying is if you and your son couldn't go in the back with her she wasn't going so you mean she was going to leave the ER without getting help for her pain? They didn't lie to you and there was no change in policy. If I was in severe pain like your wife, I don't think I would want my 3 year old to see me like that. I'm sure they came out and told you what was going on as soon as they could.
Posted by zaju on 2012-10-13:
I agree, it's apples and oranges here. They should have been up front about not allowing your child to come back. However it's not lying to get business that they failed to tell you their policy. Plus it's a policy that makes sense for several reasons:

1. Kids do carry germs and may expose patients who are immuno-compromised - sick people don't need to get sicker.
2. Hospitals have very sick people, young children can be exposed to some seriously horrible germs. Being a patient themselves does make a difference, how else are they going to get the care they need? If they're healthy it's really risky to expose them unnecessarily.
3. ERs can be very scary and traumatic for little kids.

ERs are very busy most of the time and their primary focus is the patient, not necessarily their families.

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