Review by nova609 on 2006-01-02
HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- 18 of us went to Gateway Seafood restaurant to celebrate new years eve at approximately 7:00pm, which was when our reservations were. Everything started out ok up til the order was placed. I understand with a party of this size, things may take a little longer than usual. We all ordered drinks first, then our meals. All of our drinks (18) were completely empty before she, the waitress, came back to check on us. Placed our second order for drinks, and they didnt come for another half hour. When our meals finally arrived, 1hr 45min later, now 9:30, the waitress informed us that 7 of us who ordered particular sides where out of luck because they ran out earlier that day!! No sympathy from her or sorry. One person ordered a cheese steak, he is allergic to mushrooms, guess what it had on it, waitress response:"i can take it back but it will be a pretty long while til it gets back"!!!!! Still no sorry! By now, everyone pretty much unhappy, half the meals where ice cold and several people never even recieved a side that they did have. Food was absolutely horrible..We informed waitress, and she said absolutely nothing, instead turned and walked away from the table after we informed her about the food!.. This is the best part...We spoke to the owner about the problems and were very professional about it and understanding..his response "your gonna have to talk to the waitress about it"...a complete MORON!! This is the owner were talking about!!!
The waitress split everything into two bills, 10 and 8, being on the side with 8 people, our bill was $225, and the other $270...a table tab of almost $500!!!! you think these people would have treated us a little better...we paid with credit card and the other left the cash on the table because the she never came back to check on us....we walked outside to talk about where we were going and the waitress busts through the door screaming at us "HEY, HALF THE TABLE DIDNT PAY, GET BACK IN HERE!!!!!" one person in our party says "its on the table you never checked on" waitress screams back "GO GET IT, NOW!!!"
You think after going to a place and dropping $500, you would be treated half-way decent..we never even got an "im sorry". 5 of our party are still sick!! If your ever in Hagerstown, Maryland. Rt 40 West, STAY AWAY FROM GATEWAY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by guchiedad on 2006-01-02:
I hope you left her a $0.25 tip. That's unacceptable.
Posted by yoke on 2006-01-02:
I hope that the tip wasn't already added to the bill like alot of resturants do with parties of 8 or more. I hate it when resturants add the tip when you have a large party, it gives the waitress/waiter no incentive to give good service. They know no matter what they will get a decent tip. I understand why they do it, but I don't agree.
Posted by jetcity on 2006-01-10:
You're saying eighteen of you walked into a restaurant without a reservation? That's just trashy. Did it ever occur to you that the restaurant hadn't prepared for a walk in of eighteen people. Perhaps if you called ahead they would have been better staffed. I also suppose you weren't rude? $500 is a pittance of a bill for eighteen people, most restaurants charge a room fee to parties that large! It's obvious that if the owner didn't support your complaint it was justified. Tell the waitress your sorry.

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