I Just Can't Take it Anymore - Political Calls/Solicitations

Review by Vinnie on 2012-10-27
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I receive about 20 telephone calls a day from political organizations. They usually show up as "PRIVATE" on my Caller ID but I have a service that unblocks the number and shows who it is. I am on the Do Not Call list but apparently it does not apply to these organizations. This is my private telephone number that I pay for every month to provide a convenience to myself and my family. I did not give these people my telephone number nor permission to use it. How can they get away with harassing me this way?
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-10-27:
When they ask for my preferences, I tell them the one tha doesn't call. If I get another call from the same number, I use the most vile language in explaining not to call. Have gone so far as to call the campaign hq and do the same
Posted by Johanna on 2012-10-27:
Hmmm, I haven't gotten any political calls. Probably because I don't live in a
Posted by Johanna on 2012-10-27:
(Sorry, hit send too soon) ...swing state and my vote really doesn't count. Hang in there, only one more week!
Posted by Vinnie on 2012-10-27:
I do live in a swing state. I am ready to throw the phone in the yard. They've called twice since I posted this.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-10-27:
People really need to understand the NDNC list does not apply to anyone running for public office. Those rats who passed the law promptly exempted themselves. I guess they thought I really wanted to hear their mindless messages, all recorded of course so I can't give them a piece of my mind. In addition, I think if I receive another recorded message from Rachael from Card Services I will pull the telephone from the wall. And, don't forget the charitable organizations. They are exempt as well.
Posted by T on 2012-10-27:
Not living in a true swing state (PA), I am enjoying not receiving many calls. I have gotten a few each day in the last week.

Here's what I do - many calls like these in the past few years use a system whereby if you say "Hello" only once, the system does not respond. However, if you speak a second time, eg "Hello?", then it passes the call to a CSR.

So, I only say "Hello" once. Silence, then I hang up. If someone I know was trying to call, they would call back.

You can't do anything about political calls, AFAIK. The do not call list does not apply.
Posted by F. on 2012-10-27:
Nohandle is correct. The Do Not Call List doesn't apply to charities and political calls.
Posted by Vinnie on 2012-10-27:
Maybe I can do something about whomever shared my information. How do they get the numbers? I am unlisted (for a reason).
Posted by I love my son on 2012-10-27:
Ive gotten a few calls from Romney campaign just about begging for money..It sounds so needy...I would never give donation over phone and if i were it definitely would not be for Romney..
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-10-27:
very true! and voted helpful!
Posted by Bob on 2012-10-27:
I just keep getting calls from Sarah about my credit card debt. My wife is getting suspicious.
Posted by Alain on 2012-10-31:
When I get calls like this, I pick up the phone and put the cat next to it. When he hears the voice, he meows at the phone and eventually they hang up. If the dog was still alive, I'd have had her bark into it.

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