Eldoraldo Hills Hotel (Reno, NV) Complaint - The Worst Customer Service Ever

Review by patient on 2006-01-05
RENO, NEVADA -- It was Christmas Day and like most people my family had planned a trip to Reno NV. First stopping and playing in the snow(because where I am from it doesn't snow) then onto Boomtown for a Lobster feast,(Love it there)then to Circus Circus casino. Well everything was going as planned. Later on that night we arrived in Reno Circus Circus casino. We were all having a good time my husband, my daughter, my sister and brother, my parents and my cousins. But that was all about to end. While I was playing the slots at Circus Circus my daughter was getting tired of playing in the kids room there so we all decided that it was time to go home. But the only problem was that my brother and cousins were gambling at the Eldoraldo hotel. So we had to walk from Circus Circus to the Eldoraldo hotel. The plan was to go and get them so we could go home while mom and dad watch the little ones. When we got there my brother and cousins were gambling in the poker room playing Texas Hold Em. So we walked around, played the slot a little. But as I was standing there I saw a one of the employees that served drinks walk pass and I asked her if I could have some water. She said that it was reserved, brushed me off and walked away. Not even bothering to offer to get me some. I thought that was kind of odd at first. Because where I come from a small town that has about 4-5 neighboring casinos and they always offer drinks while your there and never ask a question about it. Very good service. Well going on..So that kind of bothered me but I went on with the evening. About 15 minutes later another two girls walk by heading to the poker room I asked the blond Gal if I could please have some water....And that is where it began. After asking her she asked if I was 21. I told her that I was well over 21. And if we needed to be that age to get some water. Then she said that in order to get serviced with drinks that we had to be consistantly gambling. Then she walked away. That just did it. Ruined my Christmas. I was filled with regret that I ever walked into that Hotel and gave them my business. I was so upset I followed her and requested to speak to her supervisor. I explain the situation and he off course acted like he was concerned but he wasn't. He did nothing. 8:58 p.m. at the Eldoraldo hotel my Christmas was ruined. So a word of advice, if you want good service DO NOT GO TO THE ELDORALDO HOTEL IN RENO. And then she had the nerve to mouth off to me. I just thought to myself that ,"Chick be glad that we are in a public place. "
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-05:
Complementary drinks are for players, that’s no secret. If a casino gives you one for just being there, that’s nice but shouldn’t be considered normal, expected, or even good customer service, since you’re not patronizing the place if you’re not playing something.
Posted by bill on 2006-01-05:
If that ruined your Christmas then you should take Spiderman's advice and get a life. Better yet, go to New Orleans and you will see people who lost everything but still embraced the spirit of the holiday. Christmas isn't about a free bottle of water you spoiled brat.
Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2006-01-06:
"And that is where it began"

I usually support consumers that post here. But what follows after, "And that is where it began" is nothing to let ruin your Christmas. I have stayed at that hotel. When the servers denied your water you should have looked for the water fountain or bought some water. You can't even drink the water bottles in the room without paying. Whyd' you expect to receive water free from the hostesses?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-06:
I'm sure that daughter of yours will never forget that Christmas Day! What a way to spend a Christmas. Getting dragged through Casinos and planted in a "nursery". I like Casinos too, but on Christmas with my kid?
Posted by KateM on 2006-01-06:
Where to begin....
#1 "Most" people do NOT spend Christmas gambling in Reno (couldnt even spring for Vegas?).

#2 You WERE NOT a customer of the hotel nor were you gambling so in NO WAY are you entitled to anything!

#3 You should be ashamed of yourself that you spend Christmas boozing and gambling while you let strangers @ Circus Circus (which is a disgusting place) watch your kid!

#4 You need to learn whats important in life ASAP. Spending time with your family @ Christmas is one of them. Whats not important is a glass of water that YOU WERE NOT ENTITLED TO! Your actually lucky that the casino didnt kick you out for bringing your kid onto the gambling floor.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-06:
I bet poor Missy can't wait until her birthday comes up, she'll probably be blowing out the candles while sitting at some "pai gow" table on a riverboat.
Posted by S. on 2006-01-07:
Oy vey, if only the majority of the people on this earth had such monumental problems as you consider this to be. I'll plagiarize most of Spiderman's comment: Do all of US a favor and get a life!
Posted by patient on 2006-01-13:
To Slim..Well I guess now I know since I don't spend my days and my nights there analyzing what is considered courtesy and what is not.
Posted by patient on 2006-01-13:
To Bill… If that is the conclusion that you came up with you must be about 5 years old because you still take Spiderman’s advice. Who doesn’t have a life now?
Posted by patient on 2006-01-13:
Ms.Consumer...Well you never know these things until you actually experience it right?
Posted by patient on 2006-01-13:
To zzrokk ....WOW! So bitter you must had a crappy life. Didn't anyone ever teach you that if you have nothing nice to say. Do say it at all? Must not of.
Posted by patient on 2006-01-13:
To KateM...When you read something, do you even pay attention to what the text says? If you can't even do that how are you to offer advice? Go back to school, the experience will probably teach you a thing or two about reading.
Posted by Smiley on 2013-03-04:
I'll agree that the first server was a bit rude and unprofessional, but that's really the end of the valid complaints. Casinos, contrary to popular belief, don't stay in business by just giving stuff away. You weren't gambling, so you weren't one of their customers, so they didn't owe you anything. If that is all it takes to ruin your christmas, then I truly envy you, how amazing your life must be.

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