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Murphy Bed - "Library Bed" - Complaint
Review by goldenjanieberg on 2012-11-15
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Needing an extra bed in my home for occasional use, I searched the Internet for Murphy Beds. I found a company that makes the “Library Bed” - basically, a Murphy bed with sliding bookshelves in front of a concealed, pull down bed, as well as fixed bookshelves on the side. I was thrilled. It sounded like a fabulous idea – extra bed for when you need it, and a wall of bookshelves to boot.

The bed was not cheap - $2168 for a full size, plus $524.17 shipping. And then of course, there would be the cost of having someone build and install the bed. But I thought it was worthwhile to end up with a wall of much-needed bookshelves and an extra bed. I ordered the bed and it took two and a half months to be delivered. When the gentleman arrived with the bed parts on a pallet in his truck, the pallet had been loaded in such a way that with the dolly that he had, he was unable to get it off of his truck. After many machinations, he finally got it off the truck three hours later.

When my carpenter (a very skilled man who has built houses from the ground-up) came to put the Library Bed together, he discovered that there were no instructions included, and many, many parts. Upon calling the company, I was emailed “instructions” – a copy of an almost illegible, hand-written, faded, incomplete sheet, as well as a parts list. It turned out that we were missing a box of parts. Again, another call to the company, another delay, and finally, a mish-mash of parts.

When we unpacked the mattress after the bookshelf and bed assembly was finally built, we discovered that the seam on the mattress was mis-sewn, leaving a gap. Upon contacting the company, they determined that we had “slit it with a knife,” although in actuality, my carpenter opened the box with his hands, nary a knife in sight. The company was unwilling to do anything about it.

My carpenter was pretty much left to his own devices in terms of putting the bed together, and after a few false starts and many hours of labor, was able to successfully build and install it.

I filled the bookcases with books, and thought I was done. A week or two later, the particleboard from which the bookcases were constructed, ripped through due to the weight of the books, and collapsed. (There was no indication of a weight limit for the books on anything that came with the bed parts.)

Rather than having to deal with this HORRIBLE company any further, my carpenter and I decided that we would take it upon ourselves and foot the bill for him to rebuild the collapsed parts with real wood and then cover up the reinforcing wood with veneer that matched the original veneer.

We were unable to find veneer that matched, so I was forced to once again call the company, explain what had happened and request four small pieces of veneer. They agreed to send it to me (with me paying the shipping costs.) At this point I was so fed up, that I agreed to pay for it just to be done with them. The request for the veneer and subsequent payment began four months ago. I have yet to receive it and at this point, have an unusable bed with collapsed bookshelves.

It is now one year since I originally ordered the bed. This is probably the single-worst company I have ever dealt with.
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-11-15:
It is impossible to tell for sure from your picture but there is a good chance that your shelf did not break because of the weight of your books. Had that been the reason the actual shelf would have dislodged. What appears to be your problem is that the "bookcase" was not properly leveled at the time of the installation causing the unit to "rack" thereby pulling the joint apart. Added weight to that portion of your home may have caused some settling which could also cause this problem. In the future and for any other consumer who would be tempted to but this product should consider having a competent carpenter give them an estimate on doing a project like this from the ground up. They may find that the total cost would be comparable and the end result would be a better built unit.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-18:
All good points BigAl.

I hope the O.P. can get the parts needed.

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