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Review by Boom on 2012-11-24
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SEARCY, ARKANSAS -- I used to shop at your store with my 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren but after seeing that you have a lesbian ( Ellen Degeneris) doing your commercials we will no longer be shopping there. I have shopped at your store for 37 years and we are disgusted by your commercials. We will shop at Macy's from now on. You will no longer get our money.
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Posted by D. on 2012-11-24:
You didn't say which store you're talking about. Though, I do know...but, you should have mentioned it in your title.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-11-24:
I bet a lot of companies have gay people in their ads. You just don't know it because Ellen is a public figure who is open about her sexuality. I bet some cashiers, sales associates, customer service reps, etc you've come across have been gay. Get used to it.
Posted by Susan on 2012-11-25:
Where are you going to shop when you find out that every retailer in the country employs gays because they are people too. Welcome to 2012.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-11-25:
Pardon me, but your bigotry is showing, Personally, I don't give a hoot in hell what a person's sexual preferences are, as they don't fulfill them onscreen. what a person does in the privacy of their own home falls in the nunya category, Nunya dam business. Ellen is a very attractive person and a really funny comedienne. What is it your business if she is a lesbian, or a Methodist or a vegetarian?
Posted by onlooker on 2012-11-25:
You have probably broken bread with, shaken hands with, been medically examined by persons that are gay. You have probably danced ,,,,sung along with,,,,,etc
I understand you prefer a different world order - but if that order is built on the back of repression, ignorance, or just plain desire to to not accept the person next to you for what they are......let your daughters bind their feet, let the one with brown eyes serve as a slave owned by another.....the one with red hair be burned as a witch....or teach them that while you do not like it, the world will present many opportunities for you to choose to accept or co-exist with many differing ideas, lifestyles and points of view.
Posted by Jody on 2012-11-25:
I hate to break it to you, but Im sure Macy's also employs gays and lesbians alike, as I'm sure many retail outlets do. It's 2012-almost 2013, not the 1950's. Ellen Degeneres is a wonderful, kind person who gives back to all. If you watch her show you would know this.
Posted by danny54 on 2012-11-26:
All of the above posts are spot on. With all due respect, the one thing I wonder, OP, is what your response would be IF one of your grandchildren came to you and said they were gay or lesbian. Not saying it will happen, but then it could. One never knows.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-11-26:
If Ellen didn't out herself on network TV she'd be doing stand up in some gay bar in Wenatchee Washington. A no talent. And nothing to look at. But so she adveritses. So what? Ya jealous?

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