Pentagon City Jewelry Sales - Submitted Watch Two Months Ago to Be Fixed, Tired of Lies and and Excuses!

Watch Repair $3,000.00 Watch Tune Up - Complaint
Review by rick.wooten on 2012-11-24
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CRYSTAL CITY, VIRGINIA -- I am fabuglasted at the training your staff behind the counters are receiving and or not receiving. I brought my watch in for cleaning and a tuneup two months ago.
On that day I completed some paperwork requesting that my watch be sent off to be repaired. The lady behind the counter advised me to complete a insurance form to make sure it is covered properly and I did. After doing so she advised me it would take 4 to 6 week to repair the watch I had no problem with that. She informed me no work would be done until they called me with the estimate. I had no problem with that as she told me it would be about two weeks. After a month of not hearing anything I thought I should contact he store and did. A foreign type voice talked with me on the phone saying. "I am looking at your watch here and it has no price on it." Because it had taken so long and no one called me I felt it needed to investigate further. After asking if she was sure that my watch was there and her insisting she was holding it in her hand I said ok it must have come back already. I travel a good distance to get the mall where I put my watch in and after arriving the original lady I gave it to. Told me after enquiring about my watch, "it is not here, it is being fixed at the manufactures locations." even stating the the dog on town! That was a lie and I should have been told the truth right then! To further messed this up, TODAY I call checking on my watch and the person on the phone attempted to excuse it away as to why my watch is still sitting there in the store. She stated it was because they did not have a phone number from and or a receipt. That is the for me the last straw I demand something be done to correct this situation immediately! Enough is enough! As a paying supportive customer I deserve better treatment and at the very lease trust worthy service. I have talked with Mrs. Assistant manager Kate the person in charge of the store and have asked for a response she has insured me she would get back to me in an hour. I am not satisfied with a response from the department that this inefficiency occurred as it is easily covered up. I want an official response from the cooperate level office so that I know this matter is not just push off as a disgruntled customer complaint. My reasoning is simple. I come from a line of leaders and know how easy it is to cover mistakes at lower levels, however when the top is aware of the problem that exist everyone under them must respond with an adequate answer or it send the message that the Leader is Not the One For the Job!
Bottom Line
1. I was misinformed
2. Not informed
3. Excused away for poor performance
4. Ultimately lied too!
5. When the Manager called me back she gave me an explanation as to why things got screwed up. That is and was not what I wanted. What the heck! I had that all ready, "I'm sorry does not fix the problem! After saying she looked at the ticket and it showed no phone number, why did not the Manager of that Department think to send a letter. They chose to let my watch just sat there. Possibly thinking when we don't call him he will call us. Well there plan worked if that was the issue, but then why when I do call the lady say, "I am holding your package in my hand." nothing is mentioned on instruction what to ask after I call? Then secondly after I show up the Freaking Manger of that area tells me the watch is not there and it has not come back, but the lady I talked to is NEW and she does not know what she is talking about." I asked her several times please go and check for my watch and she came back each and everytime saying no it is not here. That was 3 times too many! A simple card in the mail could have resoled that issue.

This issue is still unresolved. The Assistnat Maneger said she would hanle it personally, however she told me she would call me with a date of repair as to rush this service, however I have not heard from her yet. If I don't hear today I will demand further action. This is crazy at best! All I want is my watch tuned up and polished, how selfish is that?
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Posted by onlooker on 2012-11-25:
I'm rather surprised that you still want them to fix your watch.

I suggest that you leave them in the dust and go to a different place that performs better, thereby demonstrating better leadership and customer service performance.

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