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Give Us A Break Already
Review by James on 2012-11-27
Come on, really people you think these gas prices fair. A sticker shock is what it is, its been so long since we had any relief at the pump it made everybody brain dead. Why is it that the media brags up a ten cent drop and people are jumping for joy, give me a break, are you kidding me, did everybody forget how to add and subtract. On the average any vehicle has between 13 and 20 gal tank, unless you drive a hybrid, so lets say 20 gallons you save oh my god a whole $2.00. That doesn't even buy you a quart of oil to put into your car because it leaks everywhere, is it me or did everybody just drop ship when our nation fell apart. In 1975 we were pay 51 cents a gallon and candy bars where 5 cents, a gallon of milk was 25 cents, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. What it is the gov of the golden tounge, found out a loop hold, lol, is the gov. That bright, these fuel corporations are taking advantage of our good nature and so is the gov. Gas was under a dollar before Bush took over, and it hasn't change since, it like a monopoly, it get consumers to buy hybrids, and auto's. I had a 1998 Chevy Cavalier that got 38 miles to a gallon. People listen stop breaking down the doors at the auto dealers store... 42 thousand for 32 gals per mile on a 2012 Honda among others lol, what a deal. This is a big gap and it does need to change, I'm just saying, I could talk about this all day long.
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Posted by T on 2012-11-28:
It does sound like you could talk all day long.

There are a few points you bring up, but they are separate. Fuel economy, or CAFE standards, have generally gone up. I believe Romney wanted to roll back stricter CAFE changes implemented by Obama lol that won't be happening.

32mpg may not seem like a lot to you, but my cars get only 20mpg - at least on this junk ethanol we have.

The history of US gasoline prices is that our gas was dirt cheap initially because we produced what we use. While our energy production is up due to natural gas exploration, this does nothing for gasoline demand.

I believe we won't be seeing a reduction far below current prices, because some OPEC countries have to have crude oil prices at a certain level to support their governments - this is their primary source of income.

One thing that your complaint implies is that the cost of driving has risen quite a bit. This is true. The model of the 90's into 2000's of living an hour or more from your place of employment in expensive real estate areas like California should break down.

Fortunately I have gone from a maker to a taker, and have traded driving to gainful employment for surfing Basher's bedroom cam for new content.
Posted by Suzy on 2012-11-28:
You've got a valid point. Now if we could just get enough people to listen and actually band together to do something about it. But unfortunately I don't think it's very likely. People will complain but that is as far as it gets, nothing changes.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-11-28:
Having lived in Europe for many years, I do not become anxious over fuel prices in the U.S. We have an ideal situation vs the rest of the world. Currently the average price for most other countries is around $7-8.00 a gallon.
Posted by James on 2012-12-12:
just wanted to add a few more things about the mechanical aspect on our auto-motive's. also did you know that between the government and the fuel companies and the auto manufactures, make deals on how much fuel a vehicle gets per gallon of gas, i would bet a million dollars that i could take a 2012 Honda accord that gets 32 mpg, and install a computer chip in the CPU and fluctuate what and how this automobile operates, they set standards on these or any auto's, look back in the late 50's this guy, not mentioning any names took a 8 Cly. with no electronics what so ever and modified the combustion engine and noted and tested that it got 100 miles per gallon, shell bought his patient but this guy for some reason ended missing, and never heard from again since, why is that, its all about the money, sure it creates jobs, but the outcome of such infrastructure and bureaucracy we are all going to pay for it sooner or later, even the innocence of man and beast. I just feel sorry for our grandchildren and children that's going to pay for it more. look at the jetsons you don't see pollution in there world or is it what ever the eye can see. the sad thing is that we are to blame for it for letting it happen.

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