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Set of three Christmas Trees - Complaint
Review by Patsy Marine on 2012-11-28
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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a set of three trees from Treetopia. When I received my order two of the tree were damaged/missing the top parts. I contact the company and was asked to send in pictures of the trees and pictures of the label on the shipping box. After several days, I received a call that if I wanted to get my replacement on the damaged items I have to donation the trees and send the company the receipt when I had done it. This seemed wrong to me and I told them I preferred to send them back to them and they could donate after they sent me my replacements items. They refused stating the only way I would get a replacement was if I donated and sent them the receipt. Is this company purposely selling damaged good to get donation receipt to get to take a tax write off? I do not think this is a common business practice and I wonder if this company is purposely this? I now have a two ft tree that I paid 138.00 and have two damaged tree with out tops that is worthless. I told the representative that I do not feel I should have to use my manpower to have to take these tree to a place to donation and send them the receipt. I was told all I have to do is call the Salvation Army and they will come pick up the Trees. These tree are worthless and I live at least 20 miles from the closest Salvation Army and I don't feel a Non-Profit should have to drive this far to pick up something that is worthless so that Treetopia can get a discount. This company needs to be investigated. Sending the trees back and getting a refund is not an option is what I was told by their customer service representative I was told by another business that if they get the receipt for the items being donated they don't have to pay shipping on the replacements. If this is true is this not at the expense of non-profit agencies?

I have call several times tying to get this resolved but Treetopia is not interested in unless they get a donation receipt. I have asked for supervisors and as far as they will let me get to is a team lead. I have asked for the names of the principals and finally gave me a e-mail address for a lady who is supposed to be their marketing VP. I have send her several e-mail and requested that she call me but I have not heard anything from her. I refuse to donate something worthless to a non-profit. If I asked a non-profit to come pick these tree up and would feel I would need to give them money to do so. I know I would not have to but feel I would need to.

My point is that I ordered these tree in good faith as you do when you order anything, that if the items were damaged the company would make it right. This company only wants to make it right as long as they get something out of it.

This is a sister company of Balsom Hill Xmas Trees.
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Posted by T on 2012-11-28:
I've never heard of this. I agree with many of your concerns. Of what value is a tree missing parts or substanitally damaged? And why make a non-profit drive miles for a piece of junk? Thanks for letting everyone know. This is bogus.

I wish I had a suggestion. You might try a complaint with the BBB. Your state Atty General's office?
Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-28:
How did you pay for them? Can you dispute the charge with your credit card company?
Posted by Patsy Marine on 2012-11-30:
Thanks all for the support! Yes, I have file a dispute with VISA but I do admit I made a mistake by using my VISA debt card. The bank doesn't know if I'll get it back because of the debt card. I have also file a complaint the the BBB, FTC and Attorney General for the State of CA also with several other complaint board. I hope the bad publicity is worth it the TreeCHEATMEtopia.

Posted by Patsy Marine on 2012-11-30:
Dear At your Service, They are not real tree. If the tops were out of real trees I would say Dead not missing. No disrespect meant. My point is I paid very good money and this company has delivered broken goods. They want a break on their cost at someone else expense, I will not donate worthless items. I have been on the board of my local habitat and I know how much broken, useless, un-refurbish able item are donated that has to be gotten rid of. I will not use a charity as my trash can.

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