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Review by slickjesus on 2012-12-09
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Brought in as a trauma case. Great surgeons. Terrible after care. I see doctors wearing dirty lab coats, I don't mean with a soup stain on it, I mean with blackened pocket edges from too much wear. Over-flowing refuse containers in hospital rooms with dirty dressings and syringe wrappers and empty iv bags. Halls are dirty as well. Dust bunnies sometimes, need mopping and waxing.

Small open wound on my foot develops MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. Two toes and a portion of my foot end up being amputated.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-12-09:
If you plan any official action about this, you'll probably want an attorney (if you don't already have one). Hope you feel better soon and thanks for the review.
Posted by Johanna on 2012-12-09:
Speaking as one who has spent her entire career in the hospital, I can tell you that hospitals are filthy places. Patients and their families need to be vigilant when it comes to hand washing, hygiene, etc. However it seems that your hospital was filthier than most. Just from what you describe, a lot of it seemed to originate from a lack of housekeepers. Sounds like that place was trying to save money by cutting back there.
Posted by Vinnie on 2012-12-09:
So sorry about your foot. I have a relative who was recently discharged from the hospital and I noticed the dirty pockets and cuffs on the doctor too!! What's up with that? I think it is becoming common for them to wear the same coat day after day and that has to be a hazard :-( I hope you are up and around soon and wish you much sucess with your case.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-12-09:
mrsa is found in just about every hospital. mrsa is even showing up outside of medical care facilities.

"Staph and MRSA can also cause illness in persons outside of hospitals and healthcare facilities. MRSA infections that are acquired by persons who have not been recently (within the past year) hospitalized or had a medical procedure (such as dialysis, surgery, catheters) are known as community-associated MRSA infections. Staph or MRSA infections in the community are usually manifested as skin infections that look like pimples or boils and occur in otherwise healthy people."
Posted by T on 2012-12-10:
With a complaint such as this, I would sooner expect a lawsuit than a complaint on a website. Maybe you have done both.
Posted by ript on 2012-12-11:
MRSA and staph are very common to contract in hospitals, despite universal precautions.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-12-12:
I agree with ript 100%.

Posted by wjk898 on 2012-12-13:
Response To ript: And despite infection control committees that have gone from about 8 people to 40+ people over the past 25 years. Last count 32 of the people on the committee were administrators whose sole credemtial was an MBA.

And you wonder why a hospital stay is so expensive.

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