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Dr. Randolph H Kale Complaint - Substandard care and Fraudulent behavior

Review by robinels on 2006-01-20
SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I first met Dr. Randolph Kale, on December 20, 2005. I had gone in for an appointment with an attorney, Franklin Henson, after a car accident I was in on December 18th, 2005. My car had damage, and so did I.

Mr. Henson's office manager, Brenda Johnson, gave me a direct referral to Dr. R. Kale, saying she saw him for adjustments on a daily basis. She said he had his own office in the within the law firm, and set up a consultation for me with him, right after I finished talking to her.

I met with Dr. R. Kale, in his office, about 10 minutes later. Went in, he shut the door, sat down behind his desk, and took down my information. He then called the clinic where he works as a chiropractor, and scheduled an appointment for me the next day, on December 21, 2005.

Our initial meeting and consult in the Henson Law Firm, consisted of information about the wreck, and how that had affected my back and neck. I had serious concerns about the effect of the whiplash on my neck, considering the fact that I am a professional violinist. He assured me, that my concerns would be handled by him in an appropriate manner.

Next day, 12/21/05…I went to Dr. R. Kale's clinic for my appointment. Dr. R. Kale met me there, and after I filled out the necessary paperwork, he took x-rays of my neck, and gave me my first adjustment. One specific question I asked Dr. R. Kale was whether or not x-rays would be taken again after they were finished with my treatment, and he assured me they would, as those x-rays were then used to show that the treatment was successful.

I went again for my next adjustment on December 24, 2005, and was adjusted by Dr. R. Kale. At this point, I explained to him that the pain in my neck and back was so severe, that I did not think I could play the scheduled rehearsals and concerts I had the next week. His response was; “Well girl, you're just going to have to toughen up and do it anyway. It's hard to get the insurance companies to pay for missed work.”

What an odd statement from a chiropractor why obviously has worked with Franklin Henson's office for years in obtaining most of his patient load through accident victims. Surely, the attorney is there and the chiropractor, to protect any accident victim from things like this, but that was not his opinion.

My next appointment brought another chiropractor into the picture. Dr. Mark Quinn. At this point, Dr. Quinn started adjusting me, and I never saw Dr. Randy Kale again.

I subsequently received treatment for the remainder of January and February. At the end of February, I was released from care…told that I was finished with my treatment, and that I should be fine from this point forward. I never received any further instructions about personal exercises that I could do for my neck/back…never received information about whether I would need ongoing treatment or not, and never saw a copy of any report on my care, even after I asked for it from Dr. R. Kale's office, or from the Henson Law Firm.

My case was finally settled in October of 2006. The damages to my car totaled $2736.00, and I received $2666.00. The original chiropractor bill that was submitted was for $4950.00….for 2 months worth of adjustments. In order for me to receive anything from the settlement, the chiropractor bill was reduced to $1333.00. The Henson Law Firm reduced their charges from $2000.00 to $1705.00. Its obvious here, that the first bill submitted by Dr. Randy Kale, was grossly over stated. Even the representative from the Henson Law Firm who gave me my settlement check, said that it was ridiculous what the original charges were from Dr. R. Kale.

After my settlement, I started doing some research on my own, into Dr. Randy Kale. At that point, I came in contact with the Kale Corporation, owned and headed by Dr. BJ Kale, Randy Kale's brother. This contact came after I had posted a complaint online concerning the Henson Law Firm and its obvious fraudulent connection with Dr. Randy Kale. My research uncovered that Dr. Randy Kale was functioning in direct opposition to a Federal Injunction issued to him in 2005, not to operate any business using the name Kale, without his first name, Randy, associated with it. He had also lied under oath, according to the transcript of the case, that he had never had an office in the Henson Law Firm. Not only did I meet with Randy Kale in HIS office at the Law Firm, I have heard of many others that did the same. In fact, even Franklin Henson, referred to Randy's office as the Kale Clinic, which has no relationship to Dr. Randy Kale, whatsoever. And, Franklin Henson, being the financial backer of Randy Kale's office, homes, and cars, surely knew this.

At this point, I started requesting yet again, copies of all my records from Dr. Randy Kale's office and the Henson Law Firm. Dr. R. Kale's wife, who was working as the receptionist at this time, (I don't know what happened to the former receptionist, but she was gone) told me that she would have to ask permission of R. Kale, to give me my medical records and billing information. Say again? She obviously isn't aware of the laws for patients receiving their medical records. It took me 2 weeks, of several trips to the clinic to obtain any portion of my records, which I have still not received all of them. Finally…I took my husband with me, the records were sitting on the front desk, but Melissa, Randy's wife, wanted me to not get them, until I had talked to Randy Kale. We stood there for 10 minutes, waiting. Finally, I picked up my records, and told Mrs. Kale, that we were leaving. She said that Randy didn't want me to leave with the records without seeing him first. He was already aware the I was compiling information to submit formal complaints against him, so this seemed a pointless action.

My records, as I stated were incomplete. What I did receive though, was shocking to say the least.

My evaluation was written by Dr. Mark Quinn, who didn't evaluate me, on letterhead from his own private clinic in Boiling Springs, not from the Dr. Randy Kale's office. There was a letter from the attorney's office, stating that I had sought chiropractic care from Dr. Mark Quinn. Total lie…I was referred to Dr. Randy Kale, by Brenda Johnson, in the Franklin Law Firm, on my first appointment with them. It even states on my paperwork at Randy's office, as to who referred me, I wrote “my nice attorney”. I have a copy of this.

There were charges for my treatment going through the end of March. This is complete fraud. I ended my treatment at the end of February, and even have a letter from the attorney's office dated March 15, 2005, asking for verification of medical treatment providers, as I had been released from care. They knew I had been released from care because I had called them after Dr. Mark Quinn said my treatment was finished. The charges from Dr. R. Kale's office are dated through March 22, 2005. They submitted charges for basically a month of services that I did NOT receive.

When asked if I would need any ongoing care/treatment for my injuries, because I am a violinist, Dr. Mark Quinn said no, I would not. Below, is a quote from the paperwork written when my treatment ended, signed by Dr. Mark Quinn.

“Ms. Xxx sustained moderate injury to the muscles of the spine. When the injured connective tissue heals, scar tissue replaces the connective tissue. Scar tissue has more pain receptors than normal tissue and therefore is more symptomatic with respect to pain. This is known as Myofascial Pain Syndrome. If prolonged, it may eventually lead to a condition known as fibromyalgia”.

“In conclusion, Ms. Xxx has now been predisposed to repeat episodes of cervicalgia and low back pain as a result of the accident she sustained on 12-18-04. Based on the nature of the traumatically induced injuries these problems shall not resolve completely and will have to be managed on an intermittent basis”.

Never, did I see this, or hear this, when I was released from treatment. This was never even considered by the attorney's office in my settlement package. I have ongoing pain, probably due to the fact that I'm a violinist, and that Dr. R. Kale did not in fact, deal with my injuries in relation to my craft.

At this point, I have filed formal complaints with the SC LLR, the committee that regulates and investigates chiropractors. They have opened a formal investigation into Dr. Randolph Kale for sub-standard care, and fraudulent behavior. The investigator from LLR drove up from Columbia to meet with me last week. And, the SC Commission on Grievances and Discipline Committee, is investigating the Henson Law Firm. Also, complaints have been filed with the SC Insurance Commission, and the State Attorney General's office, due to the Federal Injunction filed against Dr. Randy Kale, in December of 2005. The case number is 6:04-22-44013. A copy of this case can be ordered from the court stenographer from the actual case. Please contact the Greenville County (South Carolina) Courthouse, Clerk's Office, and asks for a copy of the above mentioned case, and you will receive it. That's how I received mine.

If you, are a recipient of care from Dr. Randy Kale, and have experienced something similar to me, I urge you to come forward with your complaints. I am now confident that bringing forward complaints like this, is productive, and is vital in preventing future victims of this deceptive and corrupt chiropractor. Below, are the contacts for filing such complaints. If you have any questions about how to file a complaint, they are very helpful and informative, so please just call them.

South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Division of Legal Services ; Office of Investigations and Enforcement
110 Centerview Drive
Columbia, SC 29211 (803) 896-4470

SC Attorney General's Office
The Honorable Henry McMaster
P.O. Box 11549
Columbia, S.C. 29211

This will get you started. Already, 2 other people have come forward, and are filing complaints. One was a poor woman who was charged $5000.00, and never even received an adjustment. Same experience…met with Dr. R. Kale in the Henson Law Firm, and he became her medical provider. There are many many people with similar experiences. Coming forward with legitimate complaints to the appropriate authorities is the way to stop the abusive and fraudulent behavior. It has been going on for years. I am determined to be a part of the process to bring this behavior to an end.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-20:
Good for you Robin! More people should get involved like this.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-01-20:
If an attorney has a chiropractor in his office, you should probably run, very quickly, the other way.
Posted by guchiedad on 2006-01-20:
I applaud you for your determination in resolving this. Dr. Kale is another reason why insurance rates in this country have become so high, resulting in inflated healthcare. To reiterate spiderman2, run the next time you're being surrounded by a lair of weasels.
Posted by Chaz2095 on 2006-01-24:
As a resident of the area, I am very interested in this story. However, I urge someone to edit & correct the time line in this article as it is only now 1-24-06 & the post states her claim was settled in October 2006...9 months from now.
Posted by robinels on 2006-01-24:
Sorry about the date mix-up...you're correct..the case was settled in 2005, not 2006.

Feel free to contact me for further discussion. Thanks.
Robin Els
Posted by robinels on 2006-01-24:
There is further documentation of this on ripoffreport.com. I filed complaints about Henson and Randy Kale separatly. There were responses from someone very knowlegable about this situation on there. Thanks again.
Robin Els
Posted by robinels on 2006-01-25:
If you go to ripoffreport.com, search under Henson Law Firm, and Dr. Randolph H Kale...2 separate complaints filed. The one on Henson has more information than here, and the one on Kale, is the same as this one. Thanks. Robin Els
Posted by robinels on 2006-05-26:
I wanted to post an update to this situation. As of March 12, 2006, the SC Supreme Court ordered Franklin Henson to shut down his law practice, and has transferred his status to "incapacity inactive"...his business accounts have been frozen to any activity from him personally, and have been turned over to another attorney. The Chiropractor, Dr. Randy Kale has closed his office, and has placed it along with his personal home on the real estate market for sale. According to the state LLR, they are still actively investigating my complaints agasint him, and are NOW aware that he is trying to skip town.
Posted by moonbearfoot on 2012-01-26:
robin.. can u help someone who has had an awful experience with this individual?

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