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Kitchen Aid Glass Cooktop - Complaint
Review by brhsvc4 on 2012-12-26
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Kitchen Aid 5-burner, glass cooktop June 24, 2011. The burners scratched almost immediately despite the fact that my cookware is new and smooth on the bottoms of every pot and pan! I called Ferguson's and told them about the scratches. They finally got someone out in December! The factory tech acknowledged the scratches and called Kitchen Aid and reported them. I explained that we had owned this exact cooktop in the home we had just moved from except that cooktop had the specks or watermarks on the burners as well as the entire surface of the cooktop! I explained that we had owned that cooktop for 13 years and that it had never ever once scratched and the reason was the watermarks or specks on the burners! It is a no-brainer! No watermarks or specks on the burners = scratches! Watermarks on the burners = No Scratches!!! DUH! Kitchen Aid authorized a glass replacement and promised that "this one would NOT scratch" but....it did, almost immediately. I called Ferguson's again and complained about the new glass had scratched again! I also reminded them that I had told them at the time they replaced the glass the first time that it would happen again because the burners were unprotected and without the watermarks that actually hold all the cookware off the bare glass, thus protecting them from scratching! The manager at Ferguson's told me that I would have to take it up with Kitchen Aid and gave me the toll free number. I called them 5 times trying to get them to listen to me. Instead of accepting responsibility for defective design, they blamed me and said that I was being careless and reckless with my new expensive cooktop and that they would not do anything further. I have turned them into Consumer Affairs, BBB, Channel 13 'on you side', and various other places. I've written Kitchen Aid a letter demanding my $$ back OR a cooktop with watermarks/specks on the entire surface of the cooktop or I will take them to small claims court. I paid 1200.00 for this cooktop a short time ago and it looks like we've had it for 25 years. It's scratched on all the burners and it isn't anything I am doing. It's a defect in the design. Kitchen Aid must finally admit that they've goofed big time on this design. They need to go back to their design drawing boards and pull their heads out!!! BH
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Posted by T on 2012-12-26:
This complaint should be written against the manufacturer - KitchenAid, not Ferguson's. Ferguson couldn't do anything even if they had the power to. It is a matter of convincing KA there is a problem with their product. I can see why you would ask, but I can't imagine that they would change the design of a replacement item that wears prematurely.

It reminds me of a Kohler faucet with a plastic part that failed prematurely due to the design. They happily replaced the faucet (once), and warned me how to use it so as to prevent it from failing again. In fact, I did that and it lasted three times as long as the first, until I replaced it with a new model due to wanting a new style.

Good luck.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-12-26:
this is the main trouble with any and all glass cook tops, not just kitchen aid. they all scratch and stain extremely easy.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-27:
An interesting review to say the least. I've had quite a bit of appliance background and can hopefully provide a little information dealing with your problem.

First, I agree with trmn8r that your complaint has absolutely nothing to do with the retailer. For them to replace the cook-top once, after it had been scratched the first time, is great customer service. It should be recognized as such.

Most smooth cook-tops are made of a composite product called Ceran it's produced by a company called Schott. This surface is roughly the same designed used by all the major manufacturers of smooth top ranges and cook-tops. In order to protect it, it's recommended you make sure to use only smooth bottom surface pans and make sure they are well scoured and clean. I realize you've already said you made sure your pans and pots were of usable quality. But then, and every bit important, it is recommended you use a Ceran cleaner, even before ever using the new appliance. This cleaner is like a polish for smooth tops and seals the surface along with cleaning and protecting it. Without using such a product, you will find the problems are multiple.

Now that it's a year and a half old, I'd be interested in hearing how the (small claims) court case comes out. Please post back to let as know.

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