Liars and Crooks at First Coast Supply!!!

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Review by benazir_kani on 2012-12-30
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Horrible Customer Service! The people at First Coast Supply are liars and thieves. I had to get more panels that matched my existing kitchen cabinet, so a friend of mine took me to First Coast Supply. One of their employees named Corey came to my home and took one of my existing panels to match the style and color. I needed 12 more panels like that and received an estimate of $24,000 (about $2000 a panel) from them! I thought that was ridiculous. I could redo my whole kitchen brand new for less than that.

The problem started when I asked for my panel back that Corey took. He told me that he thought that it was trash and threw it away. He said that he was sorry and would pay for a new panel if we sent him an estimate. I thought that was fair and asked my architect to get an estimate from a kitchen place for that. When my architect gave Corey the estimate, which was $443 for that panel, Corey refused to pay for that saying that panel does not cost more than $125. My architect explained to Corey that we cannot get a panel for that low price and if he could get it, then to replace my panel with a new one. He said that he cannot do that and he would only pay $125. So we had to call his boss and the owner Tim [snip] to explain what was going on. Apparently Corey already spoke to him and said that we told him our panel was trash and to throw it away. What a liar!!! But the owner Tim [snip] was an even more of jerk that he would not listen to us and supported his employee blindly. He yelled at my architect and told him that he was trying to cheat them by giving him a BS story and trying to take advantage of them. He accused my architect of getting the estimate from someone he knows that probably increased the price of the panel to get more money out of them. He said that he is in this business for a long time and knows that the panel won’t cost more than $125 and that was all he was willing to pay for it. But apparently they were willing to charge me $2000 for one panel, the crooks! So, I told him that I did not need his money and if he is able to, just replace the lost panel, for which he did not have a reply. He just started to yell at us and said he didn't want to talk to us anymore about this. I told him that it is not appropriate to treat a customer like this and it will reflect badly on his business. He said that he did not care what I thought and he had a good reputation.

Well obviously the “customer is always right” is not his motto! I have several friends who are building new homes and will not recommend First Coast Supply to them!!! As a matter of fact I think their competitors Ferguson is much better than them! I have already purchased through Ferguson and am very happy with them. The worst part of this whole fiasco is that my poor architect (a kind and gentle Christian soul) got yelled at for trying to help with the situation. First Coast Supply sucks, especially their owner Tim [snip]!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!!!
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Posted by D. on 2012-12-30:
I would have told him, since he was able to offer the same style and color for $2000.00, then just give you one of those in place of the one he trashed. Or to make it easy for him, tell him you'll use HIS qoute he gave to you for the replacement and you'll take the $2000.00! If he was giving you a price of $2000.00 per panel, how can he POSSIBLY tell you that $443.00 was too much? What a rip off! Thanks for warning everyone!!!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-12-30:
Well put DB
Posted by T on 2012-12-30:
This is a bizarre situation. You trust people to do the right thing, and evidently they do the exact opposite.

It bends the mind to think that the right approach is to toss the potential customer's sample that was provided for obtaining an estimate.

Did you leave it there for a long time, by any chance? Not that that makes it right...
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2012-12-31:
I think maybe a police report might be needed, most likely they used your panel on another customer's job.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-31:
If I can speculate, was the sample you let him take in rather poor condition; which is why you were getting them replaced? If it was in poor condition, intended for replacement, I could understand their "proration". Under such circumstances, there's no way I would agree that First Coast would be responsible for a new panel.
Posted by benazir_kani on 2013-01-02:
@trmn8r: They had my panel for about a week to 10 days. They took almost 4 days to give me an estimate. But he should have asked me before he thought it was trash and threw it away.

@At Your Service: Although it was a 12 year old panel it was a high quality Woodmode panel that was in good condition. Even if the panel was in a bad condition it had a lifetime warranty and I could have traded it in for a new one. It is not about the money, but mainly about the way they treated me as a customer. The owner didn't even want to hear my side of the story and just yelled at us.
Posted by benazir_kani on 2013-01-02:
At Your Service: I was not getting that panel replaced, I was getting more panels in the same style and finish.

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