Greendot Visa Card - Bad Pratice

Review by winddancer588 on 2013-01-08
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MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA -- Greendot Visa pre-paid credit cards is one of the worst companies I have ever delt with, they tell you nothing up front-------until---you give them your money, then they might just maybe tell you why you were not approved for their card...but the automated system tells you that you are approved. then a live operator comes on, then all heck breaks loose, you cannot get your money back on the spot you have to wait up to 12 days or longer to get a refund. i gave the woman 500.00 dollars so I could pay my bills over the phone or to send money to my grandkids, i am disabled so I thought this would be easier on me.4 manangers an a clerk at wal marts tried to get the woman to let them give me my money back as I had to pay my electric bill I had a cut off notice and I have to sleep with oxygen on everynight so its a matter of life an death for me, she didn't care. the Wal Mart mgr asked the woman why she didn't let me know all this up front before I gave up my money, she couldn't answer an she couldn't tell us what the problem was why I was denied, she told the Wal Mart mgrs. an the clrk an me all a different story, i couldn't believe what was happening I felt like I was in the twilight zone. i need to say that when I got the card the lady helped us to activate right on the spot as she wasn't busy an there were no customers right then this was at night so everything was done right in front of the Wal Mart employees, then the Greendot woman says that if they Fedex my check back to me there would be a 20.00 fee, i have every penny accounted for as I said I am on social security and disabled. i was getting more frustrated by the minute. then Greendot says. ms miller tell you what I'm gonna do for you I will waive the 20.00 fee an overnight it to you. like she doing something so great for me. there was so much more that happened but I am wore out jus telling you this. i will never everrrrrr deal with those low life cheaters againi suggest everyone look into it before you even get one. i can't even find a phone number to talk to a live person or file a grievance. if you can I I would surely appricate it.
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Posted by Johanna on 2013-01-08:
Just for future reference, if you let your electric company know that you are on oxygen and you need it to live (you many need a doctor's note for this), I don't believe they are allowed to just disconnect your power. But I may be wrong.
Posted by kjsphat on 2013-01-08:
I agree with Clutzy. You need to communicate with the electric co ahead of time, but they can't shut you off if you need oxygen.
Posted by Kenneth on 2013-01-08:
Why would you even deal with a company like this, when you can go into your local community bank or credit union, and get better service and services for free?

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