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Sales Agent With Their Company - Complaint
Review by natwho on 2013-01-14
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STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- Avoid this company at all cost; they do not honor their word nor their own contracts. Their entire program is a complete fraud!

We had become a reseller for this very dishonest processor and within the first month we had to break our relationship with them. They are a complete SCAM and I believe their entire system is set up to SCAM both their own agents and their customers.

They outright lie to customers, they do not pay out what is owed to their agents who have brought them business, they overcharge customers and hit them with fees that are hidden and the list just goes on and on.

Do not trust this people even if you have a signed iron clad contract. They will not honor it and will just tell you story after story as to why you should just keep giving them more business and "it will get better" and we will eventually pay you what we owe you. They are a complete fraud operation!

As an agent who signed up with Alex [snip] of National Payment Processing, I have been lied to so many times, I have stopped counting.

If anyone has any doubts about how dishonest this company is or how Alex [snip] (Their sales Channel Manager) will lie to you about why they do not want to pay their obligations to you, just contact me and I will be glad to show you a signed contract by them that states the following...


Upon Account Activation we will pay out the following to our agent...

Well, after having 5 accounts activated, we were told they are not going to pay us, the agent, until the "accounts start processing". So, we thought, Ok, we can understand that, even though the contract doesn't state that as a requirement, we went along with it. So, shortly thereafter these accounts start to process and we request payment and say, "these accounts are now processing". We then get told, well, they need to hit a certain amount of processing. What? More unrevealed, not in the contract conditions! So, we ask “How Much do they need to do"? The thief Alex [snip] states, "$25.00 is required". We ask him "where does it state this in the contract"? He says, "It doesn't" but that they will not payout their obligation regardless. What??? You are not going to honor your own signed contract?

Well, a couple more days go by and a couple of our accounts hit or exceed the $25 mark and we again request payment. Again the thief, Alex [snip] says "we are still not going to pay this" and of course we ask "why"? He states, we need to see more processing before we will pay. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So we ask, what exactly is the amount then that you will finally pay us what you owe us? The response that we got it almost unbelievable! "We are not sure, it is usually $25 but may be higher if we want it to be".

Well, what about your signed contract that doesn't state any of this??

BEWARE, these people treat their customers (merchants) and their agents the same, THEY RIP YOU OFF and will tell you lie after lie not pay out what they legally owe you. They are a fraudulent business with skilled thieves working for them who openingly admit they do not care about or honor their own contracts.

I have all the documentation to back up the above, if anyone has any doubts or is even remotely considering becoming an agent or customer of this dishonest, unethical company, PLEASE DO NOT and I will be glad to show you all the documentation to back up everything I have said in this post.

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