A&F - Grossly Incompetent Personnel/customer Service

Review by asbail70 on 2013-01-22
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BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- I purchased a coat for my son at an A&F store at the Boulevard Mall in Amherst, NY, in mid-November. In-store, he loved it. Being the indecisive 13-year old that he is, he promptly removed the tags when we arrived home and then promptly decided he did not want the coat. It sat, unworn, tags removed, in my hall closet for about 5 weeks. I finally got around to returning this unworn item on the 17th of December; but unfortunately, I had misplaced the receipt. I made the purchase with a Master Card, so I didn't anticipate too much trouble. Was I wrong!

The surly and shrewish young woman who was the store manager made it clear to me that not only could she do nothing for me without a store receipt, she made it clear what a fool I was to have allowed my son to remove the tags. Thank you, you entitled 20-something, wearing your flip flops and skinny jeans in December in Buffalo-- surely, her retail job has nothing on my life experience and master's degree. But I digress... After arguing with her and producing the exact same coat still priced at $109 dollars, she refused to credit my Master Card. She was rude and unhelpful and borderline abusive. She ushered me out the door after taking back the coat (which I'm sure she retagged and resold for its original price) with a $50 store credit. Really??? I let her know that this was not the end...

I returned home, called their corporate office and was told to email abercrombie@abercrombie and lodge my complaint. I did send an email and I did receive a response fairly quickly. The woman I was corresponding with apologized for the problem and asked for a contact number for me. She assured me that all they needed from me was my credit card number and a refund for the full-price would be issued. That was before Christmas. It is now late January of 2013. I am still fighting with them. Every phone call that has happened in between 12/17 and now has been wholly unproductive and I feel like I'm talking with pre-pubescent, robotic children who cannot seem to create an original thought-- they recite from a script and literally fog every question I have. One woman actually ended the call with me as she called it "unproductive;" she simply did not have the bandwidth to grasp what I was telling her and work through the problem. She informed me, when I asked to speak with her supervisor, that their supervisors don't talk on the phone? Huh????

I will get this resolved, as I do not easily fold. I get the sense that they think they are so big (in fact, they are) that if they deflect long enough, I will give up. Wrong. I will continue to rip this company to shreds, verBally to everyone I know and with keystrokes.

I eagerly await the day that this company crumbles, because people of my generation understand that money does not grow on trees, and customer service goes a very long way. (Copying and posting to FB now...)
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-22:
An interesting complaint to say the least. Is there a reason why one would assume he/she might be entitled to a refund?
Posted by Ernest on 2013-01-24:
Is there a reason the company should not refund money to a dissatisfied coustomer? Only One i can think of, they don't give a flying f about the customer.

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