Nathalie Yangs Store - LIED TO/ I Was going to cancel says they shipped now

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Review by manana90638 on 2013-01-22
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I make several orders from different sellers from time to time on Aliexpress. This WAS the term is was one of my best sellers and I gave the 5 star ratings and feedback only to be lied to and mislead. The order was made on Dec.29th 2012, then they were suppose to be in on the 8th, that did not happen. I pd. for the e-packet, so I could receive in 5 to 10 days. Today is Jan 22- 2013. to make a long story short was given a tracking number, a couple of weeks ago long after the 8 of Jan I said in an-mail I was going to cancel, so they got busy and got that tracking number via Internet, how much of a jack*** is that. It has never shown up until today and shows shipped on Jan 20day 2013. There goes the extra money for the e-packet, there goes the trust, this seller lied to me, point blank. My old man said it should be devils instead of angels. He hates that place. I went yesterday to file fraud, they were close, did not feel like it today, so will go tomorrow on another. (SUNNY SUPPLY) that's a real b****. Hey you freaks, I found so many beautiful, unique cameos and they arrived today AAAAA plus all the way! I ordered a lot and all free shipping, I got in 3 days! Yesterday was even a holiday and I ordered on 18day Jan and I got today! Perfect, unique, cameos, just BEAUTIFUL and they did NOT come from YOU!! LOL LOL LOL I will NEVER trust any of them again that are on my list! You were Nathan "lie" Yang, but no more. You were just about to be got, friend. He's been posting and so am I. We do not want anybody to ever go through, what we have with you crooks! Find a good wholesale place here in the U.S. or pay a bit more, its worth it in the END! Not to mention the quality, most that I got was not good, do not buy from Sandy Lee's either, I did not look at all the cameos, half are screwed up like the sellers and that site! They will NOT make it either, you are all done, KARMA, to all the bad sellers! KARMA right back!

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