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Price Matching on a Written Quote. - Complaint
Review by Johanna on 2013-01-23
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SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- Rather than rehash the entire story again, I'm going to share with you what I have posted on this dealership's Facebook page.

Just wanted to share with you why I won't be buying my next vehicle from you.

I have been in the market to purchase a 2013 Equinox. I contacted your dealership via the Chevy website asking for a quote. When I received it, I noticed that you were offering to beat any dealership's written quote by $200. As it turns out, I had a second dealership that was quoting me a price that was $2000 cheaper than you. I emailed your internet sales manager with the quote and asked her if she could beat it. She refused, stating that it was a dishonest quote.

I emailed the second dealership asking what all went into her quote and was reassured that there were no potential incentives or rebates involved--just an aggressive price. Meanwhile, I received a message from a third dealership offering to beat the second dealership's price by $100. I conveyed that message to your internet sales manager, who replied that I would have to bring in a buyer's order from the second dealership in order for her to match it.

I responded that I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to come together on this because I would not be willing to drive to the second dealership, get to the point where we could get the buyer's order, and then drive clear to schaumburg (we're talking about an hour's drive between dealerships if the traffic is satisfactory) for $200. My time (and my gas) is worth more than that--which is why I'm doing my comparison shopping online. Her response? "Good luck then."

This is how you do business? There was nothing in the original message that stated a buyer's order was needed to make the deal--only a written quote, which I have.

I will be posting this on the consumer website My3cents.com and I will be telling my family and friends what kind of service your internet sales managers provide.

As a side note, they deleted my post in about 10 minutes.

Update 1/31/13:
As it turns out, I ended up buying the car from one of the original low quoting dealerships for less than the original low quote. I won't say they didn't try to pull a fast one on me and my husband, but because I had done my research and had everything in writing, we got it for the price we were looking for. Too bad for Zeigler, the lost my business now and permanently.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-24:
Your complaint is not valid unless you actually buy from the lower cost dealer. I would bet my next paycheck that the first dealer is correct and that when you visit the lower quoted dealer you will find that the price given was indeed a comeon and will not be honored.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2013-01-24:
Consider dropping a line to their corporate office and a complaint to the BBB also.
Posted by Johanna on 2013-01-24:
Al, we shall see.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-24:
I don't think there's anything wrong with a dealership protecting themselves by making sure a quote is legitimate.

With that said, there's no way I'd suggest buying from one dealership as compared to another for price alone, especially on a vehicle. I'd make sure you like the place you're doing business with -- that they're hard working to reasonably take care of any problems that may come up. If the second dealership is, then there's no reason to not buy from them. Trying to play one against another is without reason and I see no real reason to complain about the first dealership.
Posted by Johanna on 2013-01-24:
If they say they will beat any quote, then they should at least consider it. And as for playing one against another, why not? If they want my business, they'll play the game.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-24:
Clutzy> They will play the game, the problem is they have been playing this game a lot longer and are a lot better at it than you are. There are so many scenarios that they can put you through that it is impossible to convey them all to you without sitting down and discussing it for a couple hours. But the bottom line is that a lot of dealers will tell you anything to get you into the dealership. It is their thinking that they have Zero chance of selling you a vehicle unless you walk through their doors. The least outragous they need to be to get you to visit them the easier it is to convert you to their thinking. However the bottom line for these dealers is to get you through the door no matter what. Your first impression when you read this is "Who would buy a car after they get to the dealership and find out that the price isn't what they said?" The short answer is--a lot of people. You must remember that they are skilled at this technique. And for the ones who don't fall for their deceptive ways they are dismissed as nothing ventured nothing gained. As far as "We will beat anybodies price" as a marketing concept will probably live on but it is mostly bull. The hoops they make you jump through and variables between even identical cars are vast. Good luck in your search for a new car.
Posted by Johanna on 2013-01-25:
Al> We'll see what happens. I'll let you all know :).
Posted by Johanna on 2013-01-31:
Al> See my update at the end of the review.

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