Aaron's Sales and Leasing Complaint - Very Upset Customer

Review by Chastity31 on 2006-01-28
NORTH AUGUSTA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I just purchased a Big Screen TV from your North Augusta office let me explain alittle about what happenend first off when we got to the store we picked out the TV we wanted I just paid off a washer and dryer that I got from yall about a week or so ago I got the preferred customer 50% off coupon when we started the paper work on the TV the man that was doing it started getting rude when we had the washer and dryer yes the payments were somewhat late but I called to let them know lastnight Dennis who was doing the paper work said can you tell me alittle about your payment history why you were late all the time and when I explained it to him he kept on well why were you late on this date and this date and so on it made me very upset in July my father passed away and my husband was out of work for about a week and that got us behind on our bills but we always paid the bill no matter if it was late it was paid and since it WAS paid out I don't think he had the right to hound us about the payment history the way he did I wanted to leave the store and go to Rent Way or someother place but my husband said since we already had everything started we wasn't going anywhere else I feel the guy was wrong and very rude finally my husband said look are you going to sell us the TV or not and he finally finished the paperwork. After this when the TV is paid out I don't think I will be coming back to AAron's for anything else I have always had good dealings with Aaron's except for lastnight so I think something needs to be said about the way he handled us again his name was Dennis and he works in the North Augusta office. Please see that something is said or this goes to the right person so something will be done about the guys rudeness. A very upset customer Chastity.
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Posted by Shakra on 2006-01-28:
Since they are financing your loan, they have a right to ask you about your credit history.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-28:
Boy, people really amaze me sometimes. You admit that you were late with payments & now you're upset that they were asking you, or as you say, 'hounding' you about your prior payment history.

Also, how was he rude? I have a feeling you are saying that because he had the nerve to *gasp* ASK you about your prior payment problems.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-01-28:
Nothing to see here...move on please!
Posted by D. on 2006-01-28:
What exactly do you think a payment history is for? It is for creditors to check, so they can determine if they will "trust" that person with a line of credit by their company. Your credit and payment history is what determines your rates when you do apply. There is a difference between a late pay and a slow pay...but they both will raise a flag to any creditor. The reason they ask the reason, is so they will know if it was a temporary set back, or a perm. set back. In your case you said there was a death in your family (which is always difficult and I'm sorry to hear that)in July and your husband was out of work for one week. Were your payments made on time up until July? Being out of work for a week can easily put you behind for maybe a month, but how many times were you late? These are the questions he was trying to find out. You would not believe how many people I deal with on the phones when I ask them the reason the got behind on their payments, they say, "well, I just lost my job two weeks ago"...well HELLO....their account is 3 months behind...they think any excuse is a good excuse and it isn't. When asked why a person's account fell behind, we need to know the reason it got behind AT THE TIME you went deliquent.
Posted by chaosrecords on 2006-03-08:
I work in accounts at Aaron's at a Franchise store.

We ask those questions because we are giving you a product without doing a full credit history search. Most customers dont have the luxury of charging things or paying in cash. Being a high risk business, the most important aspect of our business structure relies upon customer renewals.

When you sign an agreement at Aarons or ANY rent to own company its a contract. If you dont pay on time you need to call us before hand and let us know whats going on. We base our goals and revenue upon customers making timely payments. Which helps us with running the business smoothly and helps us bring the customer a guaranteed low price for leasing. What you pay at Aarons you can pay off in two years, the same monthly price is found at other rental palces but normally its 3 years. That could be a difference of 100-2000 dollars!

When you are constantly late you disrupt the flow of business. We rely on your payment to pay OUR bills, pay MY paycheck so i can feed MY family. We will fully work with anyone with a financial problem as long as the customer keeps his/her commitment. Ducking and dodging us will only make the problem worse.

disclosure: i have to disclose that these are MY opinions and the way I deal with customers, and the comments are my own, not offical Aarons's comments. Read your lease agreements or go to the Aarons website for "official policy"
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-01:
LI love checking in the backroom of Aarons. They have a lot of discounted sale items

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