Skips Hotdogs - If You Get a Bad Dog Don't Complain Otherwise You Get Yelled at in the Store

Hot Dog - Complaint
Review by msshy2005 on 2013-02-13
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AVONDALE ESTATES, GEORGIA -- In the approx 20 years that I have been supporting this Skips Hotdogs, I have only called 3 times to complain about old food. On 2/11/13 I purchased a #1 combo on the way home and asked for a fresh hotdog. Turns out when I got home, I found the hotdog to be an ugly brownish color and it tasted old. It probably sat in the water all day because they didn't rotate their dogs. They cook them in a deep pot. After 2 bites my stomach started hurting.

I stopped eating and I called Skips to complain. The guy who answered the phone starts to yell saying, “ I know you, you do this all the time. There is nothing wrong with the hotdog. I told him that is a lie, I have the evidence in front of me and after the 2nd bite it made my stomach hurt. He told me to come up the next day and he would replace it but he still kept saying my story wasn't true.

I returned the next day (today, 2/12/13) during lunch and got to the counter and told the guy I was there for my free combo. To my surprise immediately he started screaming and saying yeah, the guy last nite told me about you. I am going to replace it this time but I know you. You come up here all the time saying this. There is nothing wrong with my food, it is not old. You are insulting me and disrespecting me etc. I told him no, you are insulting me. I also said forget it, I am going to go home and get the hotdog out of the trash and bring it up here so you can see that I took no more than 2 bites. He said, no don’t do that I won't look at it. I said, you need too because you say I'm disrespecting you. I have been your patron for years. I don't need a free hotdog.

Now that I think about it the incidents were always in the evening when business was slow so my not rotating the hotdog theory makes sense. This is ridiculous. He started getting louder and people started looking. He made me feel like I was a crook trying to get away with a free hotdog combo. I felt so bad when I left there. The guy gave me the food, said he fixed it himself. I opened it before leaving the store and it was pinkish red as a hotdog should be. When I got home and took my blood pressure it 166/111. After realizing how upset I was, I called back to speak with the owner. This same guy answered the phone and told me he is the partner owner. I asked for the other owner who is always so gracious and he claims the other partner rarely comes in anymore. He basically told me to eat somewhere else.

I want an apology from this guy. I work 5 days a week on a full-time job and supported him for years. How dare he imply that I am trying to get a FREE hotdog. This man doesn't even know how many people I have referred to Skips. This is no longer about a hotdog It is about the principle. Maybe others don’t feel the need to go back and complain about bad food but I do. I get tired of throwing money away! I am humiliated and wouldn’t go there again and would encourage others not to either. If you do eat there please check your food before leaving the store.
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Posted by Churro on 2013-02-13:
Skips reminds me of Folger's in Ada Oklahoma. It's a burger joint ran by an old lady who is the meanest rudest misanthropic hag I've ever encountered in my life. At first I thought I just rubbed her the wrong way but reading urban spoon I find I'm not alone in my judgment. And sure a reasonable person would just go down the street to the Hamburger King but I gotta admit I like the woman's style and she makes a dang good burger. With all that being said if she were to ever serve me a bad burger I honestly don't think I have the stones to bring it to her attention. So eh I admire you OP for standing your ground with a fast food bully. Keep fighting the good fight.
Posted by Kenneth on 2013-02-13:
I'm pretty sure that a hot dog could sit in hot water indefinitely and never go bad. If it had been grilled, it would be a different story. As for the two-bite stomach ache, I would venture to say that's the reason they won't take you seriously.

I think if you had called them and just said that you purchased a meal and didn't feel it was up to their uusual standards, they would have done something to make you happy.

As it stands now, you don't want their hot dogs and they don't want your business. Agree to disagree and find a new place. This doesn't sound like a good fit for you anymore.
Posted by Thelma on 2013-02-14:
No soup for you!!!

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